1. There’s a high correlation between getting the vaccine and NOT dying. There’s a high correlation of deaths among the unvaccinated. So… It would seem you’re totally wrong

  2. Freemason Edward Jenner (1749 – 1823) has been lauded as a medical pioneer and saver of the lives of millions for supposedly developing the earliest crude forms of vaccination, but is he really all that? Was he even an original thinker? See for yourself. Jenner set up practice as a “surgeon” in Berkeley in the 1700s but he, in fact, did not earn the title of “doctor” at all. Jenner’s history is actually quite amusing. Dr Walter Hadwen, JP, MD, LRCP, MRCS, LSA., explained during an address in 1896:

  3. A few more boosters, and he can go full retard

  4. I still remember he taking the jab ...the dude is gonna age terribly now...

  5. O que você acha de Itaparica? Nos anos 80 meus pais tinham um ap lá...a gente ia 2 vezes por ano.

  6. A gente está aqui pra se divertir com esse circo...por isso que sou tão feliz anônimo!

  7. eu me identifico como sigma, 28cm de pau, 40BTC na conta e uma esposa que me ama.

  8. hahaha, então, eu também me identifico como pauzudo, milionário e cheio de mulheres no meu harém, tou aguardando a realidade se ajustar!

  9. If "defends pedophiles" means granting them basic due process and the presumption of innocence, he is wrong.

  10. I think he means getting stoned on the streets. Of course, there might be innocent people in between the accused, isn't that always the case?

  11. Galera confunde muito as coisas. Acham que precisa fazer 2-3 horas de academia por dia. 30 min de caminhada ou uma corridinha de leve por dia é BEM mais que o suficiente pra tu não ficar fodido. Tenho um chegado que tem 20 anos e tá fazendo fisio porque tem dores por não utilizar as articulações do joelho no dia a dia.

  12. Yes, that "useful economy activity" is the one I respect the most, because you don't pay taxes do the government!

  13. Bolsonaro fez um acordo para segurar as coisas até a reeleição, sendo que a Petrobrás quer pra agora pelo menos 20% de aumento. Que jogada safada...mas pode ter certeza que, no final do verão, o preço vai estar DOBRADO...

  14. Such a defeatist statist loser world view to have.

  15. Are you a self-made millionaire? Or you just "wish very hard" to be one?

  16. "Conflitos armados", comédia! O povo brasileiro é manso ...isso significa que qualquer resultado vai ser aceito, seja lula ganhar, ou bolsonaro ganhar, ou mesmo bolsonaro nem participar. Qualquer golpe maçônico será aceito pelas massas retardadas.

  17. That video does have some… thought provoking points, but a major factor that you’re missing is perspective. And this applies to the whole thing about a curved earth never rising to eye level too. It obviously doesn’t rise to eye level, but neither does a flat earth. Due to the massive size of the earth it would appear this way regardless of curve or flatness.

  18. Yes, perspective is what matters, but you still don't seem to fully get it. Look at this video,

  19. The lie is making us all pay for taxes, even jailing us if we refuse to do it. They don’t even need it; they can print whatever they want of their FIAT funny money. Like Ron Paul says, “End the FED”. They do it to keep us in poverty, and anarchy is our way out of this mess.

  20. OP, você é um santo, conversando com esse retardado ..que paciência de santo! A cannabis, o cânhamo tinha que ser liberado pro povo pois com ele não se fica apenas "doidão"...dá pra fazer tijolo, telha, argamassa, leite, flocão ...e mais uma infinidade de aplicações. Maconha significa independência, riqueza pro povo!

  21. It's funny because the giants manufacturing vaccines are the pharmaceutical industry. It's "snake oil", bogus substance that they can actually add anything they want, to pacify the masses. For the government, it's the perfect recipe to create something out of a lie, to generate fake need. It's like FIAT money created out of thin air, backed by nothing.

  22. The government also builds or is involved in the regulation of roads, bridges, cars, trains, planes, television, food from your local supermarket etc.. If your only argument is that government = bad then I sure hope you are logically consistent and don't use any of these things either.

  23. We have the knowledge to do those things, and for the most part better than the government. When the government is involved, there's usually more need for money in an exponential rate. For instance, the government forces us to consume petroleum, but did you know hemp fuel surpass petroleum in every aspect? I bet you were not aware of that! There's no practicality for the government's existence. It's only there to rob us, but we take it! At least so far...anarchy is creeping up, it's inevitable.

  24. Você tem acesso a drogas ilegais, tipo psicodélicos? E cocaína? E sobre meth, dá pra comprar fácil? Eu nunca vi aqui no Brasil!

  25. That was pathetic, hahaha! He said "I love you" to her in the first few minutes talking to her, that manly girl! (please don't ban me for saying this)

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