1. it’d be cool if he could bring back the old alias for a one-off album/show/ep/anything in this style ;)

  2. I have two NYC tickets for 6pm! lmk if you’re interested

  3. Robot rock was 2005, not 1995… also if you like this specific style of electronic music the look at some of the earlier happy hardcore releases from the same time, like Scott Brown, Dune, etc.

  4. To Play Us Out is still one of my favorite harder-sounding tracks, old but gold

  5. Was that ever officially released ?

  6. don’t believe so, however it was released in full quality on the old waaaay long ago

  7. The Kasablanca guys are dope as fuck :D I got to see them twice, back in March opening for Rezz at Terminal 5, and then last month in Philly during the WAF tour. Will def be keeping up with all of their music

  8. to this day it’s still my favorite album. even got my original pressing vinyl signed by Joel himself :)

  9. The Guvernment set is still my favorite set of all time, and the Beehive set is fucking dope as well ;)

  10. It was harder to pick out tracks to insert than take out, however my choices are:


  12. I was at this show, and there was NO WAY he dropped jaded or finished symphony, I think this is based on the other shows he played, for ex. during NFT.NYC

  13. Either All I Had, Arcadia, or Ariel (deadmau5 & AvB) :)

  14. you can see guy-Manuel for a brief second halfway in the set ;)

  15. that’s a discord nitro feature that you would have to pay for

  16. so it appears the spreadsheet is heavily vandilized with racial slurs 😬

  17. How do you make a roster image with your loadouts? Just like the picture here

  18. I have a numbered copy of this album, are the ones on the mau5hop numbered as well?

  19. dawg if this was never officially released then how in the fuck do you have a vinyl rip.


  21. I just checked the Spek and it's only 15K (128kbps) but appears to be upscaled to 22K (fake 320kbps), so this was most likely a rip from YouTube or Soundcloud and then printed on a vinyl

  22. I recorded the record again but thru analog, and can confirm your point

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