1. i drive with everything sport expect the sound and the shifting. I don’t like how it shifts higher in the sport mode while normal driving.

  2. I got my 21 in March this year… do I need to start worrying? 😂

  3. A gutter install company dropped a ladder on my 22 GLI and it struck the trunk lid/spoiler, denting into the lid and chipping paint at maybe a dime-size spot, then about 15" down on the left fender making a similar chip in the paint.

  4. Ouch, i just imagined that happening to my baby and I would be devastated… hope the gutter company covered the damages!

  5. I know exactly what you mean, I’ve had mine for 7 years and it just keeps on chugging. Drove it from Tampa, Florida to Minot, North Datota and back. Handled decent in the snow and ice, especially after I put some snow tires on it. Great cars

  6. Yes i ran separate summer and winter tires and the winter tires turned that thing into a tank in the snow!

  7. Dude 100% I had an 06 base that i bought with 155k miles and unfortunately wrecked it at 270k. Ever since then I have owned a 2019 fiesta st and now drive a 2021 jetta GLI. The RSX is still by far my absolute favorite car even being 15 years old and plenty of miles. She took me on multiple 1,000+ mile road trips and never skipped a beat. One of the best cars to ever exist ✊🏼

  8. Check out the keychron k4. I have it with the gateron gpro brown switches and metal frame and i absolutely love it. Also it is a 96% so you dont lose any keys but it is a much smaller footprint than a full sized keyboard!

  9. I've read modern cars don't require engine warning up

  10. I've read that pigs fly in alternate dimensions. Everything you read isn't true. Car manufacturers claim this to sell convenience. Then when the turbski blows, you'll just buy an even newer one. Trust me, I'm a mechanic and build cars for a living. Let it warm up. It'll be worth the extra few minutes when you're not up shit creek with a dead turbo. If you're constantly in a huge rush, get remote start and let it warm as you get ready...

  11. idk why you're getting downvoted lol this is all completely true. it is so simple to avoid extra wear on your engine by simply letting it run for a few minutes before you start driving

  12. true, it only takes half a second for oil to reach the top of your engine, but there is a minumum and maximum OPERATING TEMP of the oil, and i guarantee it is not in the minimum threshold until at least a few minutes of the engine running. i always let my RPM drop to 800 or 900 before i takeoff

  13. Are you thinking of characorder I think it’s called?

  14. bruh press the button and see what it does 😂😂😂

  15. I’ve been using the Klutch Heatlocker 510 and it’s been pretty good. I know some have been complaining about Klutch’s flower, but the pods and carts have been good for me.

  16. klutch is definitely in my top 3 brands. i always grab some live resin and diamonds n sauce when i see sales. best price/quality by far regular price, when it’s on sale that’s just a bonus!

  17. Because people here are obsessed with THC % and nothing else 🤷‍♀️

  18. what differences do you notice mixing the cbd in? more of the medicinal effects?

  19. what is this wing? that looks so clean

  20. For learning?! LMFAO I see resistors, capacitors, bus lanes, etc… all of which are still used in electronics today. To say only one of these things “can” be used for anything, is foolish and wasteful. EVERYTHING has a purpose, whether the same as it’s original, or not.

  21. people downvoting you for what? this is fact

  22. aw man makes me miss my rsx ❤️ will forever be my absolute favorite car to drive 🫶🏻

  23. it’s the other way around. he’s going from a gli to an rs3

  24. i have noticed this too after the car gets wet and sits for a day or more. i think it is just rust developing on the rotors and the noise is just the pads breaking loose from the rotors. this is my first car with an electric ebrake so that could be something to do with it too

  25. i did the same some years ago. went from late september/early oct to about the end through april...maybe a little into may if i started late. two harvests per year. it smelled upon walking up the house even with filters hence i am inside now....also no wife anymore...that helps.

  26. your comment about the wife and then reading your name made me giggle

  27. those wheels look great!! makes me miss my baby ❤️🥲

  28. Wrecked my baby at 270k 2 years ago and parked it. guarantee i could go change the oil and throw a jump pack on it and turn the key and it’ll fire right up. these engines are a masterpiece 🫶🏻

  29. I got my 06 recently from another redditor. Tags had been out since 2016 I believe, he said it hadn’t started in over a year. Whatever time it actually was, I took my battery off my 02 and threw it on the 06, started after 3 seconds. Changed all the fluids and it rips perfectly.

  30. hell yeah man, my RSX is my all time favorite car. recently had a 2019 fiesta ST and now onto a 2021 Jetta GLI.

  31. distillate does nothing for me, which all of the cheaper carts are distillate. but full spectrum and live resin/rosin really smack me good. Klutch, butterfly effect, and firelands are easily my top 3 in price and noise 🔥

  32. Man I've tried them all hoping to see what all the hype is about but all I got was a sore throat and a headache. Full spectrum,live resin,distillate.....they all taste the same to me and I hardly get a buzz from any of em.

  33. interesting. have you by chance looked at the thc percentages on the boxes of carts? i’ve noticed if they have THCa and not just THC then they don’t really hit me, but ones with THC hit me like a truck. just an observation, idk what the difference between thc and thca is

  34. Move on to the 2023 Integra. Much better, safer, more tech and overall structural integrity than the past ones.

  35. you must work at a dealership…

  36. 3-4k just because I like feeling the oomph. If you're trying to save gas shift at 2k

  37. unless you just drop the clutch at 3-4k you are causing a lot of unnecessary wear on it taking off regularly like that

  38. what do you mean records? what records do they require?

  39. where was this sold and how much did it run you? almost an eighth of wax!! never seen anything over 1.7!

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