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  1. It's easily worth a once a year purchase at it's former price of $100. However, I splurged the extra $50 and picked one up myself due to its novelty of representing this time of year, and the pretty bottle which evokes a feeling of Yuletide festivities. I tried Act 9 at a liquor store over the summer and was blown away so I vowed to get a hold of a bottle of Act 10. I truly enjoyed cracking it open by the fire while decorating our Christmas tree with the family. It is really delicious and opens up as you drink the dram. Once a year I'll buy it, and I hope to save some of the bottle until next year to compare with Act 11.

  2. What a jerk. I'm guessing he didn't have many sit-down family dinners, probably no curfew.

  3. I understand this but go on Stubhub click on the +5 tickets for how many for 12/28. In section 102 there are 8 tickets all togethor listed for 2158 dollars a piece. Oddly Ticketmaster has a bunch of platinum tickets in the same row. I have seen this multiple times. They have a whole row of platinum tickets and then like 12 tickets on stubhub in the same row for a price that nobody would ever pay. They are playing both sides.

  4. Keep 'em sealed! They look the best on your shelf when they are sealed and full.

  5. Can someone explain what is so valuable about this bottle? I thought it was a $25 bottle. Is this a really old one or something?

  6. I hope they don’t do this. It’s novelty will be lost imho. Tour other parts of the country or Europe. Plus I heard the rumor that AC was Aug 4-6…

  7. $400 a bottle no thanks. $400 whiskey for a cocktail, must be nice having “fuck you” levels of money.

  8. I love Irish and ginger ale. It’s my go-to cocktail at social gatherings. I prefer Bushmills though. I mean, who doesn’t love a nice ginger bush?

  9. Not new. Black Hebrew Israelites. These dudes have been preaching this shit on the streets forever. 30 years ago when my wife was 16, we were walking in New York City. They called her a white devil as she was walking past them.

  10. Jameson would be my first recommendation. If it is still too strong, try it on the rocks or with ginger ale. If you still don’t like it, maybe whiskey is not your drink. No big deal :-)

  11. Buffalo trace was designed to be an affordable $25 bottle. Not a $60 allocated bourbon.. Love it, like it, indifferent, it is what it is. Most will agree it is not worth the current markups. But enough people love to buy things that are hard to get, or fear that they won’t be able to get it again anytime soon. They feel lucky when they see it, and can’t resist the temptation :-)

  12. I would not do this. Generally in Costa Rica they warn you to never leave any valuables in your car because theft is very common.

  13. OP is not parking overnight at the park. They are checking out of the hotel in the morning and then going to the park and then go on to Dominical. There is an official parking lot for the park with uniformed park attendants. It is right near the entrance. You have to drive past a bunch of people trying to get you to park in their non-affiliated lots. If you can keep all of your belongings out of sight in the trunk, I see no issue with this. But of course don’t leave your passports or money in the car. Other alternative is to ask your hotel if they can store your bags while you go to the park. But I would almost be more nervous about this than keeping them locked in the car at the Manuel Antonio official parking lot. Or ask for late check out, and you can probably do all of the park And get back to your hotel by 2 to 3 PM. Pick up your bags, checkout, and leave.

  14. I can take both! But I know exactly what you mean. Edit: And it was indeed the ripping DWD with Auld Lang Syne teases from 12/31/93 that solidified my love of Phish. The DWD ending is such an iconic riff.

  15. I've been searching for the Bunnahabhain cask strength and never find it!

  16. Where in the northeast are you? I found some in CT if you're interested in the place.

  17. What Trey does with his guitar at the end first tube makes me uncomfortable.

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