1. doft says:

    One of the worst films I have ever seen.

  2. In case you didnt know, there are more than two political parties in most countries. We arent just liberal or conversative and follow everything the top of that party says.

  3. doft says:

    In case you didn't know, I wasn't replying to all Americans. Just the triggered conservative.

  4. doft says:

    Yeah I'm not sure if you realized this but when responded to specific people in reddit threads it isn't a response to the whole world...

  5. The entire last season of How I met Your Mother with Barney and Robin's wedding only to have them split off screen in the finale.

  6. I love the dumb fuck that literally read the definition of racism and doesn't understand it is talking about reading comprehension.

  7. I know you are so fucking dumb you don't understand what racism is but are you really so fucking dumb you need an example of racism and and a belief based on racism defined as well?

  8. Just too mad to stay away huh? Saw that coming. I'd ignore the details too if I had nothing lol

  9. Yeah I'm just so angry. I'm going to cancel my Netflix subscription!!! That will show them!!

  10. Right because views matter is a poor argument? Lol I forgot. My bad. I'm not the one crying about Netflix. You are. Did you forget already?

  11. Interesting. For me it's "Lion"

  12. You dudes playing exactly into Skips need for attention and chaos. I don't like the guy but he is a genius at playing you fools.

  13. I like QBs that can throw more than 100 yards a game

  14. glad you find that helping fatherless kids and dying teammates funny being entertaining. Asking for fellatio from virtual user

  15. I don't find those things entertaining, I'm laughing at how fucking desperate you are to defend his behavior using irrelevant shit. Still not as funny as you literally tagging/shouting out yourself. Also I teach grade 7 🤣

  16. What do corporations have to do with controlling inflation, are you insinuating they are all monopolies?

  17. You are ignorant enough to believe that all price hikes are due to inflation and no price gouging is happening? 😆

  18. I think its impossible to tell. Government central planning has made it impossible. I think the bulk is the money supply though, I'm glad food inflation wasnt the same as the increase in M2, luckily the velocity of money must have been low enough and it flowed into real estate instead.

  19. Impossible to tell? Record profits across the board for grocers....if only there was some way to tell.

  20. No one has actually made it to the moon

  21. Imagine being this goddamn stupid

  22. Imagine thinking we sent four dudes to the moon in a tiny rickety can in the 60s lmfao

  23. Holy fuck you are dumb. 🤣

  24. Good Course but visuals are a disappointment by MK8 standards. I understand they wanted to keep this course as retro as possible but it feels like a slap in the face when you consider the face lift that SNES Donut Plains 3 and Rainbow Road got.

  25. I grew up with the course. It's perfect.

  26. Congrats on your * title

  27. Mosquito Coast s2 - I felt like the second season was an improvement on the first season. It is still a flawed show and not one of Apple’s best efforts but I thought it was OK. I still feel like one of the big flaws is that the characters are not particularly likeable or easy to root for. Which is a problem as they also have no real charisma and show has no humour to help offset their unlikable nature.

  28. Omg i forgot Mosquito Coast existed! Excited to check out the next season.

  29. "Darling stop talking"

  30. People offended by a show about animal murder in a show literally about cattle ranching is hilarious.

  31. Like conservation was a thing in 1923 Africa...

  32. I’ve watched a lot of film reviews about the Vikings defense. The Vikings don’t know their assignments half the time

  33. You saw it a lot during pre snap everyone pointing and acting confused constantly.

  34. I want fandom reparations for having to watch the playoffs.

  35. Not a fucking dinosaur

  36. Free at last, free at last!

  37. Kirk Cousins is never going to win anything because the Vikings defense is a Costco hotdog that's been lying in the parking lot for a week and run over by a few cars.

  38. When was the last time we drafted a defensive player that is top15 in his position? I’m thinking maybe Mack Alexander in 2016 at slot corner…

  39. We drafted and whiffed on at least 5 or 6 cbs thst fit this description .

  40. Watched since 98 this is probably my third favourite season. That Bills game was the best regular season Viking win I have seen in 25 years. We never, and I fucking mean never, go on the road and beat a top team. This was a team that wasn't supposed to be good and we won the division with literally allowing 400 yards a game. Imagine what this team could have done sith a 20th ranked offense? Probably NFC championship.

  41. Woah this guy knew that a team with -10 point differential wasn't any good. Have you thought of being a PI?

  42. You laugh but if your QB could complete a check down you might not have the worst record in the league.

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