Lenticular Invisibility

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  1. I don’t usually comment on this kind of thing, but damn. You look just like my gf. It’s kinda uncanny lol.

  2. The way I was taught : hold both arms straight in front of you, palms out . Make a “triangle “ with your pointer and thumb on both hands (or put your hand like 🙌🏽 then cant them to the pointer and thumbs touch making a triangle)then slowly bring that triangle to your eye . Your focus should naturally bring them to your dominate eye .

  3. I too shoot with my head turned so my dominant eye actually works!

  4. As an American vegan, I can verify bears have arms feel free to check my profile for proof

  5. Im concerned. Why are they all deaf? And why is there somany deaf dancers in one place? Is it a revolotion? Should i be concerned.

  6. You reckon it were an asl convention and one went “hey y’all know guan yi?”. I imagine sign language like that would paint a whole picture

  7. Then why is every professional shooter in the world better with a red dot than irons?

  8. I didn’t say anything for you to try and “prove me wrong”. Seems like a cope response

  9. This is why pepper spray is a good option.

  10. Not for dogs it’s not, just have better skills at discerning an actual self defense situation instead of “ahh I scared”. pepper spray won’t do shit to an aggressive/determined dog, just be better at reading the situation.

  11. I carry everyday, and absolutely adore dogs. Obviously if a rabid dog is coming at you, there is definitely justification in putting said dog down. However, I feel like most dog shooters tend to be fragile, paranoid and not the brightest bulbs in the chandelier trying to justify shitty behavior. Where I live, people literally just bike or walk with a sturdy stick for the many wild dogs in the area. Shooting first and asking questions later should be reserved for immediate life & death situations, not because some pup was running around and your weak ass can't handle a 5 month old excited Boxer. Absolutely ridiculous and I bet that bitch never shot that handgun a day in her life, wanting to play hero. If she had pepper spray she'd have probably gassed her entire family lol.

  12. That still applies to what I said. Learn to read the Situation, but pepper spray won’t stop an aggressive animal

  13. Does this mean you support the native rights movements?

  14. Haha. I will definitely take that as a compliment. I am Hungarian!

  15. Can someone recommend something woodsy and rugged but with an Amber or a more inviting note added?

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