1. This might be an unpopular opinion but I've decided to keep my fragrance a secret.

  2. Some people are weird about that sort of stuff, like those people that gate keep their family recipes, I’ll gladly share the recipes my grandma gave me

  3. I have to disagree. I feel like some people gatekeep their family recipes because it's a "family" recipe, sort of a secret. Especially if it's something that can be a business opportunity later on. I think that's different from gatekeeping a fragrance you just bought from a store.

  4. Ugh YES!!!! That whole thing was so wrong. Annie was at that party but she technically wasn't even part of that whole drama. I don't get why Maddie would even apologize to her. Why would you expect someone with so much on their plate to consider everyones ""possible"" feelings

  5. I'm happy a lot of people also see how ridiculous it was lol. Dana Sue is getting on my nerves. She's making everything about her.

  6. I just watched the episode and I was so annoyed that Dana Sue was making it all about her lol. Her daughter is safe.

  7. Piercing babies ears. It’s for nothing other than the vanity of the parent.

  8. I got my ears pierced as baby, actually appreciate it that I won't have to do that as an adult.

  9. None, because my children aren‘t billboards for me to advertise my love for Taylor Swift‘s music.

  10. I am genuinely curious as to how you would decide to name a kid.

  11. I'm a huge Taylor Swift fan so when I found out she released her first fragrance (I was in high school), I had to snatch it. I got the gift set and the presentation, the scent, everything captivated me. I had a few perfumes gifted to me by my dad before then, but this was the first one I bought willingly.

  12. I watch a ton of US shows and I wish we had something like that.

  13. For me to be an amazing father figure to my daughter and to show her that even tho the world is dark and cold there is still light and sun all around just hiding waiting to be discovered. The world is beautiful in so many ways though some cannot find it. Help guide those who can't and follow those who can. Not everyone is nice just because. Some will take advantage and I wanna show her that he is strong enough to stand against anyone.

  14. When I finished my Masters Degree, became a therapist, and realized I no longer wanted to be a therapist.

  15. I know you guys are not fans but I never not got a very positive compliment with 1 million EDT it's literally fool proof for compliments from girls on dates.

  16. I got a headache from that perfume. I'm a girl.

  17. I purchased the full size and I lovvveee it. I’ve only used my full size twice so far (took a hot min for her to come in then mail bc I pre ordered) and me and my boyfriend both agree that we like it more every time I use it!

  18. That's amazing! I ordered the 30ml one, just waiting for it to come. It took me a while to decide which size I would get 😅

  19. Asthma drugs. I'm a doctor and I always take this for granted. I had my asthma attack for the first time in years, when I took my inhaler it felt like a miracle.

  20. Good healthcare, education system, nice people. Would love to live there.

  21. We pay a fortune for all that through taxes…

  22. Meanwhile where I live, taxes are high without all of the benefits

  23. Gleaming, twinkling, eyes like sinking ships on waters, so inviting

  24. Does it matter? For example a white white person attracted to Thai people.

  25. No, it does not. I was just curious. I think you're fine.

  26. Not in anymore, but most gut wrenching? Picking up the pieces of a friend that was blown up. We had been dismounted, and the bomb went off nearly underneath him.

  27. I'm sorry to hear this. I hope you're okay

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