1. Smough be exercising and lookin great!

  2. Would I just know the language of the place im going to or would i have to deal with the language barrier? Cus if i do my only option is a red state, if i dont probably korea

  3. Id probably try and block it from going in and if it attacked me or got past me i would shoot it

  4. i know what they're doing but wtf is the thing on the blanket

  5. yeah i think anything past rare candies is kinda ridiculous

  6. Whats your opinion on mosquitoes?

  7. Whenever theres a chance for this thing showing up i lead a pokemon with setup moves (specifically ones that raise the attack stats), or pokemon with weak moves and some sort of recovery (even if its just leftovers).

  8. Id have both honestly. They’re both really strong and its not hard to cover for rock and ice

  9. Answers change drastically when you add “both”

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