1. I think a gov official had visited and he thought they were closing in on him.

  2. Why would Jim Irsay even listen to Hunter S Thompson? Did he even know him? Weird letter

  3. Hunter was a weird guy. He totally used his ESPN credentials just to pester Irsay. Even asks him if he needs to borrow some money. He wrote letters to a lot of people.

  4. In this thread people have strong views about Selena Gomez's acting.

  5. It's all good I'm not sure what you can and can't say or else I'd be more in depth. Don't want the ban hammer. I will try that though!

  6. If it’s not too cold out I try and refrain from wearing a shirt when working, even with a flowhood. It’s excessive but it works for me

  7. Better off with a shirt. You shed dead skin cells constantly.

  8. My main concern is the sleeves disrupting laminar flow

  9. Shouldn't be a problem. But, do whatever works for you. I like to wear a tight long sleeve shirt.

  10. 100 years ago if you had any sort of medical complaint and actually sought the help of a doctor there was a good chance you'd end up on cocaine or morphine.

  11. And a good chance you're doctor was high on cocaine or morphine. I highly recommend The Knick. It's Clive Owen shooting coke and doing ground breaking surgical procedures.

  12. I was there. It was everything. Jerry actually looking at a chili dog right here. My Chili dog

  13. Sort of sums up a lot of movie reviews now, describing the plot of the movie and ending it with a "I liked it" or "I didn't like it." That way you get to meet your word count / time limit but don't have to bother with pesky things like a unique perspective, wit or even a worthwhile opinion.

  14. Put them in some water and score them and collect the latex.

  15. Ohio is really making a name for itself these past couple weeks

  16. Well since DeadAir seems to just be womping trombone noises at the moment, what's everyone up to during setbreak?

  17. What was that, Wednesday? Tuesday? I can't recall haha. But it was a smoker! I need a rewatch myself

  18. Only 3 technically, i think? Weir and pigpen were fired and the dead played a couple shows with out him

  19. Well technically that wasn't the dead. Didn't they go by Micky and the heartbeats.

  20. They're probably taking it as it comes. If they knew it was going to be the last I think they would have said so, just to give everyone the chance and to boost ticket sales.

  21. About to make the drive from up north, can't wait. I'm hoping for a scorching cumberland blues!

  22. So long as your chocolate is mixed well with your shroom powder it’s pretty easy! I use 100gs chocolate per 5gs shrooms, double boil chocolate, powder shrooms, mix well, pour into however many molds you’re using, and then divide the # of grams 🍄 you used by the amount of squares you have in your molds, that’ll give you a rough dose per square!

  23. I tried making mine with 8 grams, the same size as yours. I haven't tried them yet but they were pretty thick when I poured the chocolate. I'm expecting a pretty strong taste. I'll have to scale back to 5 or 6 tops.

  24. I find I can’t fit much more than 100gs chocolate mix into the molds, and even then they’re quite big haha so I’d say def try again with a bit less mush and they should be perfect!

  25. I'll have to try that, I usually have 90g chocolate per bar, maybe that extra 10 will smooth it out some.

  26. Starting my tour today. Guess what...calling Row Jimmy (~);-}

  27. What are genetic abnormalities? What is cancer? God create those too? Fuck you and your god.

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