1. Do you add a casing layer after they colonize the pseudo layer?

  2. This is very true. Americans get a lot of credit for WWII but the Russians made incredible sacrifices to fight the Germans. Then they turned into jerks though.

  3. We kept them afloat by funneling supplies through Iran. Otherwise they would have never made it to Berlin.

  4. Think infinite repeating pattern in a 3d space. A 3d equation that, if you plug in any coordinates, will give you an output that matches the pattern. The freaky thing is that if you zoom waaaay in, say pass it a bunch of coordinates around 0.00001x0.00001x0.0001, it will still spit out a tiny seemingly miniature version of the pattern.

  5. I went to school at a time where we weren't fucked or shot.. boring times..

  6. Should of went to catholic school, priest would have helped you with that.

  7. You can't force other people to pretend with you, and that thing doesn't deserve any such.courtesy. Fuck HER.

  8. It's not a courtesy dumbass, them is just a way to refer to a person. He/She/It I don't fucking care. All your doing is distracting from the real issue which is gun control.

  9. 3rd party processors like beneleaves, vapen, one orijin and Hon have all been bad quality in my experience. There are a few that are ok.

  10. Unless you're somewhere where psilocybin is legal, they're probably fake.

  11. Maybe they have a macro dose red pill version? Would make more sense. It's the whole "so you've chosen" line that makes me think maybe they make a different one.

  12. Mushroom farmer here. The restaurant ppl are too busy to deal with anything. You can walk in there with the dank and they will often say no just to stick with their current routine they’re used to. You need to personally drop a beautiful 5lb box off to the chef for free and then check back with them every week. Farmers markets are where it’s at starting out though. Do not make your business plan around restaurant sales! Edit: I forgot to add: make sure you go in long before they open on a weekday! You need to get some better packaging as folks have said. You never store mushrooms in plastic always cardboard produce boxes or paper bags. Always bring them to the chef straight from harvest so they are looking mint

  13. Yes and make sure you are choosing the correct restaurants to market to. The type of place where the chef will make up the specials on the fly daily. Talk to them and network.

  14. Good taste in bourbon as well I see.

  15. People shit on wild turkey but they make some tasty bourbons and they don't give me hangovers!

  16. They don't shit on rare breed, or long branch though.

  17. I really like the 101 rye, but the regular 81 is still a solid bourbon.

  18. So if you want to be a prepper and have food that never spoils to keep you alive, should you buy a few barrels of honey? I heard honey and then certain processed oatmeals don't go bad, ever, but I don't know

  19. Check out blue honey. It's magic mushrooms preserved in honey.

  20. This is all they sell legally :/ they seem ok I was starting to trip like a hour and 10 min. I took them at 10:30 pm and didn't feel anything at 4:40 idk how good the trip was though

  21. You didn't "trip". Toss those shit in the trash, there are so many legal and safe hallucinogens out there, don't waste your time and money on gimmicks.

  22. If you've seen the meme of Dennis looking like absolute shit, that's from this episode. That's what his soul looks like.

  23. Sure, sure. But if you send us a donation of $50 or $500, we'll make sure they all get their money back. Wouldn't want to disappoint all those patsys, I mean patriots.

  24. Or you can buy some overpriced Chinese made hats that tell everyone how much you love America

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