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  1. Ever watched him crawl up a hill for his golf ball? He’s obese & not coordinated in the least. That happens to people. I fall off of my bike all of the time. That happens to people. The only thing that makes it relevant is that DT is a fn asshole who makes fun of others.

  2. You fall off your bike all the time?

  3. Maybe not all the time. Maybe once or twice a year. Let’s just say I fall off of it more times than DT gets on one per decade.

  4. I don't think he rides bikes at all

  5. Wife: hmmmm... I can't trust him. I'll bet doesn't take a single damn coupon.

  6. Katie doesn't take coupons anyway.

  7. Twix just did this the caramel doesn't even cover the whole cookie anymore

  8. Fuck Twix, they don't deserve my money

  9. Vegan on package. Wtf

  10. But his other dad would have still raised him as his own, making him the real father after all

  11. David Icke has some thumbs like that too.

  12. Not enough room for someone to hide in my tent, on account of the fat canopy taking up all the space😎 Just kidding, I just harvested so there’s plenty of room in there now.

  13. Where I live it's legal now so I assume everyone has plants growing. My neighbors had plants you could see from the road over his fence. I don't know how he thought that was a good idea but nobody robbed him. Less people grow indoors here.

  14. thank you so much! I really appreciate it, I love the idea of doing raids with people that defo don't mind if I'm a little bad lol

  15. It's a game for a reason, I think it's supposed to be fun. I like the idea you can play with people from anywhere. I have pokemon from places I will never get to visit.

  16. It's kinda crazy to be receiving gifts and cards from literally across the world- I've had two from Canada!! I'm hoping to amass a collection of postcards from literally everywhere!!

  17. I know. I like hatching eggs from other places.

  18. That’s illegal. I knew a guy who bought a house with the intention of demolishing it and eventually selling the land. He wasn’t in a rush to demolish and people moved in. The house had been disconnected from utilities before he bought the house but the squatters went to court and the judge ordered the owner to hook the utilities up. It took him 3 months to get those people out and had the house demolished the next day.

  19. Fuck that judge and those people. Violence is the answer in that situation. You can't let people walk all over you.

  20. That's what I was thinking lol

  21. What a fucking scam lol

  22. Sounds like OP's mom was a whore

  23. Maybe they die before they even realize what’s happening. Idk just freeballin here.

  24. Probably cucumber beetles

  25. I think this is the way to wear that short anyway

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