1. Just read an Amazon review saying your primary monitor will not be able to run above 60 hz with the small one connected. True?

  2. Nope! Thatd be user error or possibly a constraint with their integrated graphics/older gpu maybe? You can see at the top right of the screen it reads my main monitor is running at 4k 120hz

  3. Just post everything honestly that there is a smell. People who aren’t ok with it will move on.

  4. So I checked. I have ones on the side that will be blocked off but I also have 4 in front of the board I can use. So I should be okay. Looking at the green meshroom or blue meshroom case now and working on getting a sfx psu

  5. I only see what looks like six SATA on the side, where are you seeing the other 4? There also won’t be a logical place to mount drives but you could have one or two ssd hanging in there without an issue

  6. I was wrong about the mobo, it's a Asus tuf b450m-plus gaming luckly lol. Yeah she only has one ssd, and a hdd we can find a place for or I'll upgrade it to nvme which is always better lol

  7. 5800x3d if you just want to tinker.. I’ve mulled the same idea but feel like the new platforms still have kinks to work out and so you’re risking an overhaul for next to no gain as you’ve pointed out, but with the added risk of it not working the way you expect. Wait for 7000x3d at a minimum if you go to a new platform

  8. I wouldn’t have thought so. I’ve been running a 3080 fine since release with an sf600 and it was fine. Having issues with a 4070ti never mind the 4080. New psu should be here in a couple of hours so I can’t 100% say it’s the psu as yet, but from experience I’m 95% sure it’s too much load. I can get through timespy but Cyberpunk causes an instant restart.

  9. Because I could 🤷🏻‍♂️. Got a good price for my 3080 and the I deemed the upgrade worthy.

  10. Cool… just genuinely curious. Reviews show it not much better so seems more of a side grade unless the extra cost was small.

  11. Why so much effort for ‘only’ $5 million?

  12. You have a side intake on the 5000d that you can also use for an AIO if you want to go that way. I swapped a u12s to an EK 360 AIO on a 5800x (comparable if not worse thermally than a 5900x) recently and did that rather than mess with other fans. Temps are definitely better but nothing functionally different compared to the Noctua. Was more of an experiment because I like to tinker and a cooler swap is a cheap way to satisfy the upgrade itch

  13. Against my better judgement I negotiated a purchase with a zero feedback seller. Upon closing the sale they sent me a message saying they wouldn’t be able to ship for a few weeks because they’re on vacation. They couldn’t give me a specific time or day they would ship when i asked in response. I clicked cancel the order and they went radio silent, leaving the request pending. Seems after the request is over it still doesn’t get canceled automatically in this case since I already paid. Scam or just incompetent seller? How can I get my money back?

  14. They don’t want to ship for a few weeks cus they want the refund time to expire and you are out of $. I would contact eBay and cancel.

  15. I feel like with access to the messages, zero feedback, and the same item (including pictures) listed in another auction, they should be able to take action immediately.

  16. How do I do that? There isn’t currently an option to do so, and they left the cancellation request pending but that ends tomorrow. Do I have to wait until the expected delivery date and file item not received?

  17. For a five year old a laptop with integrated graphics and 4 gb of ram is enough imo

  18. Bought my son a raspberry pi all in one thing a few years ago and that was enough to entertain him for the attention span he had

  19. Unclear how to read the site to me, but were there like 5 of these for sale before it sold out?

  20. No, I dont date people who already have children

  21. Having trouble budgeting my new PC can anyone help? These are rough allocations but I'm trying to keep it under $600 as I'll mostly just be doing browsing and very basic gaming.

  22. Less ram and maybe just forget about using a case

  23. Doing the exact same, my 12400f arrived yesterday and they refuse to match... Well bought it again now they're matching + gonna pay x2 for shipping 🙄

  24. I don’t understand this, can anyone explain why they do this? Same thing happened to me last year from a Newegg BF deal and they refused to just credit the difference and instead they wound up paying shipping twice and a return…

  25. At the scale that Amazon operates at, the infrastructure to set up price matching against other vendors and themselves is more expensive than just having people buy it twice. This requires a human to look at your price matching site, verify that the price is lower, verify that it is in stock, and verify that the vendor is legit. Then they have to manually enter a price change into the system and refund you the money. It's a lot easier and cheaper for them to just have you work inside of their existing purchasing and return infrastructure.

  26. I guess but in this case I talked to a Newegg human who just refused.. I probably spent more time than what you describe than for them to make the change

  27. How much clearance in the S mode for cooler height? Website says 45 mm but it looks like there’s some clearance past the motherboard back plate/vrm heat sink to the panel. Wondering if I can get a wraith stealth in there without the plastic shroud, which is about 48 mm from what I can find online. Xtia site says 45 which would be sad

  28. Why did you choose this mobo among the different options, particularly among the $/e500+ range options? Just curious

  29. 20-25% more performance, so yeah. But is it worth it for you paying 450$? Thats the real question

  30. highly dependent on resolution too though... if you're spending big money on a CPU and GPU, you're likely playing at 1440p, 4k or an ultrawide resolution that doesn't benefit nearly as much than at 1080p. I understand why reviewers show the comparisons as 1080p to demonstrate the true CPU differences, but it makes little difference to actual gaming experience at higher res

  31. I was considering what this might look like with a custom hole in top of the case to support a 360 instead of a 240 that is supported in the “standard” atx config. Adding all that extra stuff just looks dumb in my opinion

  32. Meme in a box… no one steal my business plan

  33. how'd you make the cutout? I'm mulling moving my ATX pc into the upcoming meshroom S and wondering if I could use a 360mm AIO sticking out the top with a cutout...

  34. Hi!! Lookin at this post Im surprised no one consulted the Meshroom S user guide to see how to fit certain things.

  35. Nothing about atx and matx in there but this link does

  36. Seems like an ok revision but disappointing it doesn't seem to support the horizontal small GPU mount out of the box. You have to get a separate riser again?

  37. Wondering if it will support atx/matx board with an atx psu. For those with existing systems, chances are low they’d already have an sfx. Don’t think it’ll work though unless the extra few mm allow access to the mobo headers

  38. This link is very helpful, matx and atx have limitations as you’d expect, this detail takes a little digging on the site

  39. I have a desk like this, ikea cabinet on one side and two legs on the other. I put a small piece of 2x4 under the middle of the desk on the wall for extra support. I don’t know if it’s necessary but gives peace of mind. If you have multiple heavy monitors I’d do something like that if not an extra leg

  40. FYI the Wi-Fi antenna should be magnetic along the long edge and can be cleanly mounted to the steel case without the need for the stand.

  41. Wtf why is this not common knowledge, have two of these on different computers and didn’t know I could mag mount. Thanks!

  42. Make a server out of the old machine and keep the old drives in it, then put it somewhere else in your home that is out of sight. Can even keep it as a windows machine for simplicity. Then you’ve got an upgrade and a new server.

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