1. I like these pictures. You’re a handsome guy and these photos reflect your love for adventure. The camel photo is my favorite!

  2. Well, OC, he’s single if you find him so handsome. Just sayin…

  3. You said "I don't get this argument". WTF don't you understand about the 3rd and 4th string qb going down in the nfccg being unprecedented?

  4. I see a roster as a roster. You play with the team you have. The fact that they lost a good QB isn’t good for their chances, but it’s what happened. No coulda woulda shoulda

  5. No shit. And on rosters there's positions. And you have a depth chart with players at these particular positions. When the position is qb and you've gone past 4 and are at the point where you either:

  6. If you’re looking for comfort or compassion about the 9ers sitting on the couch. You won’t be able to meet that need with me. Because fuck the 9ers 🤷🏻‍♂️

  7. This is a great post man. My doctor switched me from Adderall XR to Vyvanse and not only was it filled immediately but I swear it works better than the adderall ever did 🙏🏻

  8. I wish Vyvanse wasn’t $240 a month :((

  9. If Geno wins the Super Bowl, I’ll get a Geno tattoo. Don’t forget to set your reminders folks

  10. I loved your work with Staind. Still on the fence with your country stuff though

  11. I’m not a fighter, but let me fight them OP

  12. Most of the paintings took less then 2 hours. Done with a few stencils (for crosses) all acrylics

  13. Not even an electric guitar in there, no chance

  14. Sorry I was so excited to chime in😬

  15. I’m a man, I don’t sleep in an animal shelter…

  16. Made a (albeit wonderful) child with my BPD ex-wife

  17. Head is tuned waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay to high. Start there before messing around with spring tension and see where you are.

  18. I actual tune my kick just a touch over hand tension. I love the dead bass sound

  19. Oh, he didn’t know and he was surprised? Well why didn’t he say so. That’s fine then!!

  20. Can we talk about what’s happenin in the middle of those heads?

  21. Ye there pretty mad but I’ve had them for a while and it’s just to keep them without breaking before I get new ones as they were quite rough before I put all the tape on. If u have got any other ways of making them last longer or making them more durable do let me know.

  22. Well, in reality I don’t change heads often either. I don’t ever remember breaking tom heads. But I did notice that using smaller sticks makes a difference for wear and tear. I use 7A and I hit hard. I noticed a huge difference overall in life of “gear”

  23. Going on 6 months since I moved out. After therapy and lots of new realizations, I am doing pretty damn good

  24. Not a real deal, but the 49ers D got away with a lot of holding

  25. I hope she has an “only fans” soon

  26. I’m missing something? Why the outrage?

  27. Gov should just take over air and rail transportation.

  28. Anyone know what he died from? I'm shocked!! This is so tragic. Wow...

  29. Cardiac issues is what was reported. Perhaps he had a sudden heart attack

  30. I get it, but young people sadly get cancer all the time. I agree their may be a connection to this and I was early money it. But my instinct is to not use this persons sad story to push a corelation?

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