1. Yeah, no. That’s the flamethrower dude. Fuck that guy

  2. Cheapest AR10 mags. Preferably magpul.

  3. I want to put suppressor hight sights on a slide that already has a dot installed, do I need to take the dot off before I send or can I send it attached?

  4. I’m not seeing anything in the news about it passing. Where did you see it? Last I saw nothing was signed

  5. I think a Governor needs to speak up and say, "The U.S. Supreme Court has lost its way. Our State can no longer follow its rulings."

  6. It literally puts the decision back into the states hands tho.

  7. Fuck yes. This is huge and sets a huge precedent. Let’s gooooo!!

  8. Y’all thought the Bren meta was bad…

  9. They buffed the NZ. Just use the barrel you’re supposed to now

  10. We have a gold chest rule, if you find a gold chest you must ping it and call out gold chest honor system, if your caught not pinging it and announcing it you must drop all droppable items for a teammate to pick up

  11. Because we don’t take the game seriously and it keeps it light, I’ve posted this before and just got blasted by the community. Yes we do actually do this for no real reason so the sweatys just need to relax.

  12. It’s not even about being sweaty or not, it just makes no sense whatsoever. Lol. But if it’s fun for y’all, that’s what matters

  13. Cause they made the map a lot bigger and barely added any more players.

  14. Damn. Those lobbies must’ve been good. Enjoy them. Lol

  15. People are gonna shit their pants when they can’t use their NZ or Blixen anymore

  16. Blixen and NZ need a huge nerf. The only time I die to any other gun is in the gulag

  17. Trump? Yeah I remember when he tripped going up the stairs to Air Force one. I also trip going up stairs and I’m 40.

  18. Source? Cause I’d love to see the video

  19. Sorry must have been confusing his trip going up some stairs at a New Hampshire rally with him having toilet paper stuck to shoe while boarding Air Force one. The embarrassments just all kind of blend together. Like when he couldn’t descend a ramp or drink water correctly, or when he thought you could inject bleach to kill covid or nuke hurricanes or the times his speech slurred incomprehensibly. But yeah, he was totally fit for office, so it was fine.

  20. So he didn’t trip. Got it. Biden trips twice. Falls off a bike. Can’t form a complete sentence, but yeah, he’s totally fit for office. Lol

  21. Just so people know DE drops about 75% of its gun charges when someone did a 2018 report.

  22. Anyone who votes other than yes, Is lying to themselves

  23. Depends on where you’re at. I use Milford Trade and exchange

  24. So glad I listened to Jim Cramer (a stock market genius) and bought into Netflix instead at 500$. Also glad I bought some Ark ETFs and Facebook stock. I’m doing much better.

  25. This is literally the point of a weekly DCA

  26. Nope. In Delaware. You need to be a resident of the location your permit is held. Or it’s not valid.

  27. Do you know how I would start the process before having a set address? Like what county to apply in/paper to post the notice in?

  28. I looooove tower defense games. Can it go it IOS tho?

  29. Damn. They’ll just throw everything into the news but high inflation/5$ gas/food shortages/border crisis/war. Etc. all smoke and mirrors

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