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  1. US’s major waterways are drying up. Checkmate gay frogists.

  2. US’s major waterways are drying up. Checkmate gay frogists.

  3. Same, we are getting murdered on some of our orders from China due to the shut downs, so a lot of our vendors have moved production back to Mexico for now. EDIT - I realize I said 'for now' but they're probably not gonna move them back any time soon lol.

  4. What kind of printing? I work in publishing and we still have a hard time finding the quality/cost combination we get from Shenzhen.

  5. They should just have a slider in the maps settings for the amount of deviation off the beaten path to avoid traffic. A scale of Wazes or something.

  6. Pics are cool but I also hate that building. It moved in close to me and my rent went up a little after it officially opened. The prices there are also outrageous. It's more than 3,000 to rent a 1br.

  7. I moved from anchorage to Seattle so I just assume it’s worldwide. /s

  8. Looking to fill my Thursday night. Anything fun going on?

  9. Anna Lunoe at Q if you are into the boots n cats n boots n cats

  10. there isn't an upper limit on headlight brightness in the state laws, only lower limits (and federal limits clearly don't cut it). Write your state reps and demand some limits so we can all see at night on the road again.

  11. Real solutions, not just bitchin'. I like it.

  12. lol I'm on the phone with my wife while she drives home RN and she's screaming at someone every 5 minutes about driving with their brights on.

  13. It was an educational program but I loved it: Voyage of the Mimi

  14. Ben Affleck and science shit in school. I was in 6th grade and we looked forward to Mimi day.

  15. New Amsterdam. It was a detective show from the mid aughts. Starting Nikolaj Coster Waldeau of Jamie Lannister fame.

  16. Snap thanks for the memory jog! I didn’t realize it was the Kingslayer.

  17. "Michael" is looking for some monnies.

  18. These people are like Skank trying to recapture the glory of “fire it up” when bemoaning the death of T-Bird.

  19. Do you have a link/more info for the event?

  20. I like Blueshift Dreams although its a skosh green.

  21. Oh man I hope they got good video or have a film crew or something. I've loved this kind of stuff since I was a li'l Utopia.

  22. I've been to your hometown for rugby and had a blast! Even got to dance in what I believe is was the room they filmed the vid for "Love Will Tear Us Apart."

  23. I was a big AC reader in jr high. Loved her.

  24. I'm about to start Children of Memory and I cannot wait[

  25. An SSL +2 audio interface. It’s a little over your budget ($30) but it’s a solid price of gear for djing and production.

  26. I legit think my wife has special annoyance resonance chambers in her skull that amplify the chruncha-munch sound of crackers, chips, carrots, salad…..

  27. Get in loser, we’re going nonbelieving.

  28. If you're wealthy enough, neither of those penalties is a disincentive.

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