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  1. Why ever go all in into a singular platform? You can keep and use Google for what works for you, whether it's gmail, youtube, android, etc. Supplement that a Samsung phone, a Macbook, and/or a Windows gaming PC. No reason ever to go all in a single company.

  2. What you suggest could be a real alternative to Stadia for letting 5 people of the same family gaming at the same time in 4k, with 5.1 audio, paying just one subscription per month and no other hardware cost other than controllers? And I didn't mention the quality of the experience, because as of today there's no other online service that could offer the same features. What about portability ? You just need to slip a couple of controllers and a chromecast ultra in a backpack, and you can play anywhere in the world on any TV with HDMI connection.

  3. What kind of hardware is needed to stream to at least two TVs?

  4. Once the Xbox Streaming Stick is released, you'll just need one stick and a controller for each TV. I also believe Microsoft is working on getting the Xbox Game Pass app available to Android TVs and Firesticks, so if you already have one of those, that may be an option. Microsoft has already released the Xbox Game Pass app on select Samsung TVs.

  5. Unless you bought it directly from Google, you probably will not receive any refunds.

  6. I mean the closest thing you can do is sign up for Google Cloud Compute, deploy a Windows installation, install Steam, install a low latency application like Parsec, and go to town. It may not be cheap, but it's viable.

  7. There's already "cloud versions" of games you can get on the switch... none of them are first party of course but it could be used as another benefit to buy those versions from the Switch marketplace if you could also play them on GFN

  8. My SO and I both have a switch and the cloud games for it barely work. This is primarily due to the lackluster wifi module that the switch has.

  9. I ride in California where lane splitting is legal. Loud pipes when traveling with the flow of regular traffic don't make other drivers notice you until it's too late. With that said, loud pipes while lane splitting in a reasonable speed does help make other drivers notice you. Far too often, drivers here in LA cross the double yellow to get into or out of the dedicated carpool lane. My louder bike, in more than one occasion, made those drivers pull back into their lane and waited for me to pass before illegally changing lanes.

  10. I know it sucks so bad. I’m gonna miss Stadia so much. I’ve been a Xbox gamer for 10-13 years now so I really do want Xcloud to improve but i dont know how long that’s gonna take especially with less competition now.

  11. It all depends on how far you are from an Azure data center. I live in Southern California and I can play via xcloud with minimal issues. However when visiting my family up in Northern California, while xcloud is usable, I find far more issues and would rather play locally via the console over streaming.

  12. All this big companies are just years behind… all this is just wrong

  13. I wouldn't say years behind, but the correct business model. Stadia was backwards in regards to how it was marketed. Being able to purchase a game and stream it unlimited was not going to be a long term viable product as the overhead costs of running such a service would outweigh any profits from a single $70 purchase. The costs of maintaining and running such hardware needs to be recouped way past the initial point of sale. This is the primary reason why most other cloud services focus on a monthly sub, i.e. Netflix style of service, over players purchasing games for a one time fee and having unlimited access.

  14. Oculus is currently far from dead. Facebook Meta is getting ready to release its next headset and they made huge sales during COVID.

  15. You assume the petitions purpose is straight forward. That said... The time it took to write your post most likely is the same or even more than signing the petition.

  16. At this point, just let Stadia die. Google lost a lot of developers, publishers, and consumers trust. Google had 3 years to build Stadia from the ground up and convince the market that it was a viable solution only to fall face first into the ground. A petition to try and resurrect it wouldn't change much as now they'll be starting off with even more negative perception from the market.

  17. I agree. Although developers might use Stream to publish their own games. And then in the end there needs to be an indexing service that combines all published games :)

  18. If developers published on Steam, then that would mean the games were ported to run natievly on Windows. Why even bother with Stadia at that point?

  19. Not enough people played it. Raising the price would have dropped pro subs. Which I'm guessing was their only revenue. I very rarely bought games from it, because I lived this with Onlive. I wasn't going to buy much that I'd lose. If a game came with a controller or it was super cheap, I'd buy it. That's it.

  20. I think this is one of the key points as to why Stadia overall failed as a business. Most gamers only buy one to two games a year thus not a sustainable games as a service business model. Stadia should've taken the GaaS route as Microsoft with Xbox Game Streaming to start it off.

  21. After Stadia? How could you have trusted them before Stadia?

  22. Yeah they do. They said last year or the year before that it was something they wanted to have, but no date or even rough estimate.

  23. They announced this year that the feature should arrive

  24. I'm having the same issue. I can't seem to get rid of it.

  25. The last resort that I have seen to work is blocking the user themselves. That will drop it off.

  26. I can't even block the user, I get an error when trying to block them.

  27. I certainly hope for these developers sakes that those contracts have a clause that requires Google to pay out in the case of the platform shutting down before they were able to deliver the game.

  28. That would probably be the case with larger studios and publishers. Ubisoft, for example, probably knew what was going on which could explain why the next AC installment was omitted from a Stadia release.

  29. Oh btw. When crossplay games like destiny 2, Rainbow six or even the new fifa 23 gets updated, stadia version will most likely still be the old one.

  30. If I had to make my guess, any planned game updates going forward will be cancelled and not rolled out into production. I would assume that most of the Stadia team was or will be laid off as of today and any remaining employees will be only kept on as a skeleton crew to only keep things running as they sunset the program.

  31. So I'm guessing those of us who bought controllers outside of the google store are screwed then?

  32. Speaking of, what does this mean for Ubisoft+? Will it shut down too?

  33. Ubisoft+ is available outside of Stadia

  34. Not necessarily. I lost my job in April due to COVID related reasons. Our company was able to survive but just barely. Stakeholders then decided to pivot and sold the company as other companies started to grow again. Sure, on paper it doesn't look like it was COVID related, but it was because of COVID which stunned our company growth resulting in the dessicion to sell.

  35. Xbox game streaming uses Amazon servers... also if you dont play "modern" games Xbox streaming is great. I find any game made before 2012 usually plays flawlessly. Anything newer tho and the input delay and lag is just too bad.

  36. Xbox game streaming definitely does not use Amazon.

  37. Oh I agree, Google should've focused on all access subs from the very beginning. If they did, I'd think more people would've been more open to the idea of Stadia.

  38. so this is the future of gaming that's gonna catch on soon right

  39. The future of gaming is going to be focused in the cloud for sure. Google will just not be a part of it. It'll be battled between Amazon and Microsoft going forward. Sony with PS Now will be third as they rely on Microsoft to host their services.

  40. PS Now doesn't exist anymore and Sony don't just use MS servers

  41. I've already had this discussion with multiple people on this sub so I'll summarize my copy and paste from my past discussions on the topic.

  42. Yeah, about those 100 games, better start looking elsewhere lol

  43. but this sub has been telling me stadia was going to shut down

  44. This comment aged like milk lol

  45. Google is like the third biggest company in the world, demand for video games is huge. Google has the money to burn until demand meets their product. Gamers are fickle mob mentality driven sheep.

  46. This comment did not age very well

  47. These cards where amazing at the time when the ride first opened. I remember standing in line with my family and using these cards to try and decipher what was written on the walls, the bamboo stick was still working triggering the ceiling to slightly fall, and everyone was treated same because there was no fast pass lane yet. I would love to get my hands on a card to frame. So many memories associated when this ride was in its prime.

  48. What are you talking about? They're pronouncing it correctly. Fy-gee

  49. Not OP, but mine also doesn't have this issue. Also, yes they are black in color.

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