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  1. Currently abroad. Can’t open Disney+ Philippines. Already switched from Mobile to WiFi. Turned off VPN. Reinstalled the app on iOS

  2. 8563 4820 9957 im pretty active these days. Please add me! :)

  3. 0x5FEADdAE528BB072caC2054361CA5446aed2dBd3

  4. Facebook didn't suspend your account because you "got hacked" They suspended your account due to actions that YOU and ONLY YOU did while on your account. You saying "I got hacked" is your piss poor attempt at claiming no responsibility for your actions.

  5. What a harsh thing to say when you do not even know why I got banned on FACEBOOK. I don’t do anything illicit or illegal on VR and social media for that matter.

  6. Lol everyone who acts like an ass and gets banned for it uses the "I was hacked excuse". Grow up.

  7. Bruh. I was hacked. period. Why make a big deal about it and accuse me of something I didn’t even do. Get off your high horse you prick.

  8. Standard leggacy: wildfire flameking

  9. It's a garbage coin. The coin is used to buy in-game items for a really shitty looking Animal Crossing clone, I have no idea how it's still at $15. Real value probably $0,015 or lower.

  10. Hi! First of all, my girlfriend and I have been playtesting this variant for three games now! We absolutely love the concept, and the Movement Phase is a really unique touch!

  11. Hey I just saw this! Thanks for the feedback! I really appreciate it. I will think of a way to re-implement the 3 action for 5 cards rule. In my opinion, paying 3 actions while having no hand for 5 new cards doesnt have any drawback. I believe it needs to be more punishing so that players think twice before blowing their entire hand in one turn.

  12. Kind of sounds like maybe you should just make a whole new game ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

  13. Yeah, if I do make one, will you fund me on Kickstarter? Hahaha.

  14. Why would those banks you mentioned do that? How did they justify closing your accounts? Anyway, I'm with Consorsbank (PNB Paribas) and haven't had any issues til now... You might try them... Good luck.

  15. No reason given. I've asked them and they said they cant give an answer

  16. Lol I've hated on N26 since they terminated my bank account with absolutely NO explanation and their customer service, complaints and compliance are all rude and apathetic. Was terminated last June and it's already mid August and I still do not have my money. I am a student and their inaction is jeopardizing my studies here especially during this pandemic.

  17. Oh shoot. You're right. God Damn it. Royal Paladin is just too broken now. :/ MLB and then Garmore. What a load of BS XD

  18. Blockade's skill is a CONT ability:

  19. Hi! I have a question regarding packages to Germany from the US!

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