1. This looks awesome. What locations are these?

  2. There's a particular one in the game that I'd like to see, but I doubt they'll put it in the show.

  3. Which one would that be? Hotel basement one?

  4. See this question is kinda funny because if the show is accurate to the story and dialogue of the will be good.

  5. I just finished part 2 last week and i gotta say it was amazing. No other piece of media ( even part 1) left me with such emotions. Feelings that id never felt before. Its really good and if you plan on playing it your in for a treat

  6. New attacks as well, if I'm not mistaken

  7. Plus the leap up, VALHALLA attack goes on for longer in ng+. Normally she can do it a max of 3 times in a row but in ng+ she regularly did it 5 times.

  8. 🎵 "Do not diddle kids. Its no good diddlin' kids."🎵

  9. "There is no quicker way to make people think you are diddling kids than by writing a song about it!"

  10. Love the game, hate the grind. Story was good but kinda meh at the same time. Beautiful game though

  11. Which game were you referring to?

  12. Stop, stop, stop. All right not bad, good rhythm, love the enthusiasm. I feel like you're saying "boy's hole", and it's clearly "soul". And I know, Artemis, you did write "soul", right?

  13. Even if the place of power still existed and didn’t require Olympus, there are no mortals left to fuel the magic. What power does a god have when there are no mortals to fear/believe in them?

  14. My medallions humming. Place of power, gotta be.

  15. This is awesome. Its stuff like this that make music such a great artform. So many different interpretations of the same songs can come from people thinking completely differently about them. This probably wasnt what it was written to be about but its so cool that people can gather different meaning from the same lyrics. This was really inciteful and a great analysis. :)

  16. I can't believe the things I'm going through

  17. You are probably right. I apologise. This makes dar more sense. I hope that they do atleast reference the tiatha de dannan at some point since id be kind of dissapointed of the only reference to my home is through a coincidental valkyrie having the same name.

  18. I bet you if they ever did a Celtic series they would probably merge all the different flavors together. And if they didn’t I’d consider leaving Ireland out a huge missed opportunity. The Gae Bulg just screams for Kratos to use it

  19. I would definently want them to amalgamate the mythologies for a super fun world. Plus i could definently see kratos fitting into the cú chullain role similar to how it ended up being kratos instead of týr in the norse prophecies. He has a magic spear that splits into multiple different barbs which is very similar to the draupnir spears ability to duplicate and can unleash a rage which is very similar to spartan rage. There probably be more similarities if i looked harder too. If they ever did celtic games id love for that to come up in some way.

  20. If it works against elon when he showed up to that talk show it’ll work against bezos

  21. What talk show was that? I know he got booed at that chappelle "stand up comedy" performance but dont know about any talk show. If theres more musk booing about id like to see it.

  22. Dont shoot me santa by the killers is one of my favourites. The musics great and i find the music video on youtube hilarious.

  23. When do you get this dialogue? I assume post game but is it just by entering the bedroom or what?

  24. i think so. after the main story i did a couple of side quests and then went back to sindri's house and it just happened randomly

  25. Thanks, have to try and get it tmw.

  26. Bayek. Hot, killing it with the eyeliner, and the warmest character in the franchise and maybe all of gaming.

  27. I dont think thats eyeliner. Bayek "never sleeps" so id say its something to do with that.

  28. Cus i dont shine, if you dont shine

  29. Oh, i tried diving even though the sky was storming

  30. Nope, I just had a feeling. Calling a loved one, especially someone's mate, "my pet" is a very strong term of affection, but it is a dated one.

  31. Not outdated, still in broad use here in Ireland

  32. Highly suggest ben g. Thomas's videos on this exact subject on youtube. Very informative and just a great channel in general.

  33. That being said, the Jewish superweapon shit in the Wolfenstein games is actually very well done

  34. Mind dxplaining for someone whos never played wolfenstein?

  35. Where did u find the artwork to begin with?

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