1. Did you have to wear an oven mitt? Joking aside, fantastic device, I just wish it didn't get so hot.

  2. Awesome! And gorgeous hand made cage! Just got my first on Monday as well, I went with the Flowerpot B0 kit from Vgoodiez and WOW I was not prepared for what these things are capable of!

  3. I think I agree with you, and it's pretty obvious who

  4. Tastiest strain I've ever had!

  5. Have em all but the Árbol. Aka Miso is amazing on Chinese, Japanese and sushi, 8/10 heat for me. The Ancho Malasa is good on burgers and has a unique almost BBQ/Creole profile. Hot as hell, 9.5/10. The black garlic is the most versatile for me, 7.5/10 heat.

  6. I think you'd be happier with the Xmax, the battery is replaceable and the oven is much easier to load and unload. I haven't touched my Fury Edge in over a year since I got Xmax.

  7. Is the XMax also something you could hike with? It does look pocketable or at least light enough to throw in a backpack

  8. Absolutely it is. Hiking is pretty much all I use it for.

  9. Vaping some right now, my favorite of all my grows and likely my favorite of all time. Mine is on 2 months of cure and just keeps getting more complex. How is it after 5 months? Cheers!

  10. Pelican 1120 case in the crisper drawer in the fridge.

  11. This is amazing! Just found this today. Been a huge DKC fan since inception and I STILL play the original SNES trilogy all the time. Incredible thought put into this and plays perfect on the PC.

  12. I would probably harvest within the next week.

  13. OG brick if you want massive, cool, bong like rips. The Runt hits similar but a tad harsher, but not much. I have a B0 kit from vgoodiez on the way. Between my Bricks and the CH, I don't think I'll ever need anything else.

  14. I grow one plant at a time and I'm ashamed of the money I spend on seeds. It would take me lifetimes to go through what I currently have yet I keep buying more.

  15. Blueberry and side piece 2 are my favorite CBD strains. Cookie dough from wnc is a close third. Blueberry is definitely no.1 for me.

  16. I mix HCF Blueberry with my homegrown HSC Blueberry Cupcake and it's just perfect in every way. Really love the blueberry strains.

  17. Yeah what the f? I hear people saying it works so good and I just scratched my head like?? I just don't get it? I've had mine probably a year and it's still brand new because it just sits in a drawer. I've tried all the methods even top green has put his guide out still no luck with good production. I read a lot of people saying that it's restricted mine is very very free-flowing I'm almost 100% certain there has been different batches made the OG ones were very free flowing which is what I have. I mean it will extract a bull but in no way comparable to my heavy hitters not even in the same realm. It only gets used like if I have to be very discreet and at that point I just use a vape pen with oil

  18. Hmm interesting. I got mine when they first came out as well, I'd say mine has slightly medium restricted airflow. I start out with a very light draw and gradually increase draw pull over the course of 8-10 seconds. I get huge hits from 350°-400°.

  19. in order for me to get good vapor and a good hit I have to hit it for at least 30 plus seconds I will definitely time out the on demand mode. I keep see another say 8 to 10 seconds and that would be fantastic but I got to hit mine to him about to pass out.

  20. Try session mode only. I let it get up to temp then let it heat up for another 15-20 seconds. I start with a few small cigar puffs then get at it. I get huge hits with a 8ish second draw.

  21. Santa Cruz Shredder 3 pc and Flowermill mini are the best grinders I've ever used. Flowermill mini can mill a lot of flower in seconds with minimal effort.

  22. Where did you read about their matching tattoos?

  23. It was always called Krypto in our parts. Always a celebration when we could score some in our rural neck of the woods. One time, a friend managed to score a gram or two of White Rhino and it was the most ridiculously frosted bud I have ever seen. One bowl got 6 of us toasted out of our minds. Great times.

  24. The SN021-G-B3 is a amazing good watch. I looks way different that on the pictures. Much better and more interesting than I thought at first. For the moment definitely my favourite watch. And I would be surprised if that would change so quickly. Thank you San Martin.

  25. I love mine as well! Mine has a small issue with the alignment of the 12 o'clock marker but I have learned to live with it. The top hat sapphire crystal is just 👌🏻

  26. It’s the photo. The camera and/or watch weren’t level when you took it

  27. Sorry, but no. I can easily see it with the naked eye. The photo was just to confirm.

  28. Stop this stuff right now. Nit-picking is contagious (much like pet peeves). We do not want to know

  29. Lol, my bad. New to this sub and Chinese watches in general. Forgive me.

  30. Stop with the religious nonsense. This is a conspiracy sub not bible study.

  31. I'm gonna sound stupid but is that what you use with those 3D printed weed presses called brick builders? I have no idea what that is

  32. No, they are butane powered convection vaporizers build out of wood and glass. Most powerful, hardest hitting vapes I've ever used.

  33. OG Brick, Sticky Brick Runt and Xmax V3 Pro for me.

  34. How tight are you packing? Try a looser pack for the v3p

  35. I tamp mine down pretty good and still get huge clouds.

  36. This is my favorite strain of all time. This was my last grow and after 10 weeks of cure the flower is beyond incredible. Strong blueberry, gas and cake batter. Basted in trichomes. Effects are a very potent indica leaning hybrid, great for in the evening. I've been partaking since the late 90's and this is my personal favorite. You're really going to enjoy this one.

  37. Sticky Bricks! Pop the screen out, quick brush or blast of compressed air, brush screen, replace and done. I do that every few days. I clean the glass mouthpieces about once a week with a bore brush, dawn and hot water. Takes only a minute or two.

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