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This goes a long way to restore my faith in the people of Earth

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Call an ambulance, I'm laughing too hard.

  1. That boxing match between you and the baron on death march always slows me down. Having to redo it is what stops me from replaying deathmarch again.

  2. Why is this cringe? This dude did a solid.

  3. Can’t blame them. I’d laugh too

  4. Jebus, that was the best solution they came up with?

  5. Yep, he’s showing off to your mom. Fucked ur shit in the process.

  6. Man, I hated that one. I skip over it everytime I see it even though I k ow the solution.

  7. Omg, it took my a good 15 seconds to figure out what I was looking at.

  8. There’s a dude in it. I hope you asked them to move.

  9. That sounds pathetic and sad. I hope he gets acclimated to the other half of the human population.

  10. And she’s bringing what to the table now?

  11. The amount of fat in her brow is amazing. I didn’t even know that was possible.

  12. I used to get these spots on only my colored towels. Like, no one else would have this problem. I later figured out it was my acne medication when I’d wash my face.

  13. Hah, I do this. When playing Witcher 3 my wife chooses the dialogue options. Only time I deviate is if it’s extremely funny. Like, checking out a guys balls over and over to watch the doctor’s reactions to why I keep staring at the dead guys balls.

  14. Full agree. Being poor all the time sucked.

  15. At this point I wonder if they’ll release windows 9 just so they have sequential numbers going.

  16. Lol, eat shit flipper. That’s the risk you take when you take a home off the market.

  17. I figure this is the round hitting the water at less than it’s critical angle and bouncing off, similar to how light bounces off or goes through a light permeable surface. Note I’m not a ballistics expert, just a guy with a military and physics background.

  18. Well your military background should have made it obvious to you that those are the tracers bouncing off like they do with every round, which you should know from first hand experience

  19. My main point was the critical angle, not necessarily what type round. What's your point? Are you suggesting that the tracers aren't following the same trajectory as the regular rounds?

  20. The legends of zeldas, where the main characters in green, zeldas things everywhere.

  21. I see what you’re getting at, but context is key here. It’s an old Asian symbol meaning good luck, used by an Asian company, in a game where dungeons depict common symbols as a theme. I think it gets a pass.

  22. I think it’s more amazing that they were able to make interesting looking individual maps that also fit together with each other.

  23. "What is a woman?" should always be met with "What is a man?"

  24. I got in on the birthday diorama. Thanks OP for giving the heads up!

  25. I’d do it depending on the company, and the pay rate. If it’s a rando (non Fortune 500) then it’s a hard pass.

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