my father set a password..... to the fucking thermostat

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LPT: The best place to use the restroom on long road trips are the lobby restrooms at mid to high end hotels

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  1. i became a plumber, you can't even fathom my level of disappointment when i learned porn lied to me.

  2. I was a cable guy. I was propositioned a few times. Never worth the risk though and with me it was usually a dude. Wrong porn video I suppose.

  3. Bottom of the engine, passenger side. The pulley should ALWAYS spin. The rubber doughnut plate on the outside will only spin when the AC is on

  4. This is a solid tip. I discovered my a/c clutch was bad a few years ago. Swapped it out in under an hour. Saved me a ton of dough.

  5. When headed westbound on 70 just leaving the city, if I want to get on 315 North I will take the Rich St Exit which is the far right lane. If you follow the signs for 315N they will have you go to the far left lane.

  6. Good point. This isn’t necessarily Columbus specific but I try to get to the grocery store before 8:30am on weekends to beat the lines. The shelves are usually fully stocked as well.

  7. I do this as well. The only negative is sometimes there are minimal cashiers. I generally self-check but if I have more than 100$ worth of stuff it makes more sense to be in a proper line.

  8. There's a lot of people who think that if the thermostat is set lower, colder air will come out and it will cool down faster. It won't. The air coming out of the vent is the same temp; the HVAC just runs longer.

  9. Wife, son, mother-in-law...all of them think that way. Even if you explain it to them.

  10. Probably because you are a little asshole and keep fucking with it.

  11. Yep, one of the best things I learned from scuba certification was how to clear water out of my goggles underwater. That and how swallowing hard equalizes pressure in your ears as you go deeper.

  12. Aeon Flux is probably the reason why even to this day tall women with dark bob haircuts make my pants tight.

  13. The two I frequent one is 100% on the back wall in the center. Pretty much as far away as possible. The second one had it in the lumber aisle more near the front. It's only a long, clenched walk if you didn't come in the professional parking side.

  14. 2" pipe should be crazy heavy unless you are using conduit or wire fence posts.

  15. THis was popular back in high school. In 1990.

  16. 48/m here. Never been busier with work and family in my entire life. That said I make sure I stop watching tv or phones after 10pm no matter what. Phone goes on DND at 10pm. I'm usually dead asleep by 11pm after some light reading. Up at 7am every day.

  17. I never got a Wyze cam to be reliable, even with the DaFang firmware.

  18. Will this monitor an entire website or just single pages?

  19. Single pages at the moment, I'm thinking of an extension to sync with a sitemap.xml in the future

  20. It's been many years but I still taste Mere Bulles in my mouth. Not in a good way.

  21. This looks like something my mother-in-law would complain about. Forgetting that it took no less than 3 people (in the buidling) and an entire supply chain of people and multiple companies to make her stupid 2$ drink she is just going to ruin with 28 Splenda packets.

  22. Born in 73. Lived through the 80s, 90s and 2000s. While all those years were great I'm still most happy right now.

  23. There was so much hope for the future, the possibilities were endless, and my whole life was in front of me. What I wouldn't give for a do-over knowing what I know now.

  24. Unless you are on life support in the hospital those things are still applicable. Get to it.

  25. The majority of them appear to still live in the same small town. I haven't been back in 30 years. Fuck them all.

  26. Appreciate guy in red shirt for snap chatting it to his stories.

  27. This is what I did. My father said “no phone, no car, no internet/computer”. I worked 4 jobs during summer and 1 job during school. Bought myself a phone and paid for my line, paid for my dial up and computer, bought a cheap ass car that had a hole on the bottom of the passenger seat. When they got mad at me they couldn’t take away shit. I was also paying them rent so they couldn’t kick me out either because they needed my income. That’s another level of messed up though

  28. You can consider it messed up or you can consider the 17+ years they supported you.

  29. No, it’s messed up. If you need your kid to pay you back for the seventeen years you supported them you shouldn’t have had kids in the first place

  30. Right. Because the economy doesn't change.

  31. You better shore up the bottom with some 2x4s or plywood. Waferboard is a shitty base for a planter.

  32. Thurmans is for tourists and college kids parents visiting IMO.

  33. You can change the rss sync interval on the indexers page. The schedule of the task will update to match

  34. Thank you. Unbelievably I forgot about the advanced settings button.

  35. I always look at cars as a sunk investment - the cost of being able to drive from Point A to Point B rather than something I’m going to make money on.

  36. Try to buy any car or truck from 1950 through 1975 nowadays and you will appreciate them more. An old Bronco could cost as much as a small house. A clapped-out shitbox with 50% rust will still cost ya 10-20 grand. Don't even get me started on squarebodies. Does it have a Cummins in it? Let's start the bidding at 10k.

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