1. Unicorse. Chilli is a saint for powering through. That unicorn is unbearable 🦄

  2. I don't mind it but I've only watched that episode a handful of times compared to other episodes and I don't have people constantly parroting lines back to me. I'm that one who parrots the lines.

  3. I know it's a pilot but why does it seem like some knock off?? Like it terrifies me that this could have been Bluey instead of the beautiful gem that we currently have!

  4. Is... is his name Larry and if it is, is he a reference to the Amazing World of Gumball?

  5. They're aging them already, no? It's slow but it's happening.

  6. OMG If the show ends with the girls all grown up and heading out on their own, it will end me. I know we've seen flashforwards but this will hit differently.

  7. but they both said they want kids!

  8. I could really see them taking in foster kids or adopting (If adoption wasn't so atrocious in Australia) because they seem like they'd made wonderful parents! Rad exudes Big Brother energy while Frisky has this warm, kind and softness about her. They complete each other.

  9. Could you please explain how is Australia's adoption horrible?

  10. I should clarify that adoption isn't bad it's just the process. It's a lengthy process which takes a lot of time and, depending on the type of adoption, can be costly and complex. Now I'm not an expert nor am I well versed in the matter. I should also mention I don't know how adoption works in other parts of the world.

  11. Saw other people making these and wanted to make one of my own. I've also kinda scaled each tier which I'm gonna explain.

  12. Turtleboy. Part of S3 that hasn’t hit the US yet.

  13. It still upsets me that there are people who haven't experienced the rest of season 3. Come on Rats Nest Addition what are you doing?

  14. You've got some banging episodes coming up and I am excited to hear from you again once you've seen them!!

  15. Mmmmm... I don't if these episodes fit the bill but I think they're great at portraying the love Bandit has for his daughters.

  16. I kinda liked the music from The Beach (s01e26). There's something about it that seemes exciting(?) but also lonesome(?) in a good way. I really don't know how to describe it but I really like it.

  17. So you know how people become DJs and amazing musical artists who are influenced by certain sounds, music, and whatever from their childhood? Well consider that one day, in the future, someone will make a remix for club music and probably add "I slipped on mah beans" or "Janet, wake up!", something like that and the whole club will break into cheer.

  18. The mother cake returning for it's child and is Om-nom-noming its way towards Bingo.

  19. Okay, but the look in his eyes and the feeling of joy in Chilli's smile are basically the same.

  20. I don't know how I feel. Like I like it but I also don't like it. It's like one of those, almost but not quite right moments... Like the Uncanny Valley but without the terror.

  21. No and oh hey, aren't you the guy who asked if it would be weird if you started watching Bluey? If you are, I am so glad you watched it! If you're not, still glad you're watching it my man! Enjoy how amazing this show is!!

  22. I love the close ups where the art style changes and we get ‘closer’ to the characters

  23. Duck cake. Probably because I empathise with Bandit. I struggle with knowing my limits when trying to make others happy that when everything goes wrong, I shut down. I know the situation isn't entirely the same but the feelings are there.

  24. I'm 29 and I sometimes sound Australian, British or American depending on what word I'm saying. And it's all thanks to television. Life it great.

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