1. The best episode I've seen in a long time. Pete is so great.

  2. My Husky/Shepherd mix would like to live in this weather.

  3. My husky/pitbull mix lasts 20 seconds before pawing at the door to come back in.

  4. "but at least I save money on Honey" Followed by Slime breaking.

  5. The Yard has the best ad reads of any pod and it's not even close.

  6. Came for the stockings, stayed for Evangelion.

  7. The problem is that we are time limited, if you watch more, you see fewer shows, and maybe the one you miss because of that is the one you'll like more. So no, the 3 episode rule is a smart decision. If a show is really good, someone will mention it in the future.

  8. I still haven't finished that show. I know it's good, I just can't get past the first few episodes. Maybe I'll try again today.

  9. The first few eps are slice of life but they really set the stage for the rest of the show. Think of it as getting to know the characters before the show begins.

  10. You're 100% right. I know spoilers don't matter to many people, but this kind of thing bothers the hell out of me.

  11. One of those songs that most of us have never listened to consensually, but still know all the words to…

  12. Yet OP and half the comment section doesn't realize the words are wrong.

  13. Yeah trophy hunting is something I didn't get into until last year, but I'm having a lot of fun doing it. Going back through games I've beaten but haven't platinumed, it adds a different layer and challenge to the games and makes me appreciate them more (hate some of them more) than I did the first playthrough.

  14. Bro 56 plats in 2yrs solo is mad impressive. What were your fav games to plat?

  15. Connor, Pete and Daidus are like the starter Pokemon... they're all so different, yet all are a bit goofy in different ways and have lots in common.

  16. Looks like they used a lot of force then the finger swelled up. I had a similar issue just not with a ring.

  17. Got my pinky finger stuck in a toy kaleidoscope as a kid. Mom had to rip it off, along with a lot of pinky skin. Still have scar tissue today.

  18. I could hear my neighbors beeping for like 3 weeks. So annoying

  19. This happened to me. Woke up early and could hear my neighbours alarm beeping, extremely loud. She's a very elderly lady. Knocked, then went into her house after she invited me in, and was listening for the beeping so I could replace the battery, to find that the noise was actually coming from outside?

  20. Quinn Hughes at the World Juniors: 14 GP 0G/5A/5 Pts +4

  21. If he's not top 5 in voting I am legit sad. Connor is obviously the front-runner, but Hughes has been tearing it up.

  22. PK's hairline is an inch above his eyebrows. I'm not jealous I'm just saying. Not jealous at all I promise.

  23. He’s an RFA at the end of the season which literally means under team control.

  24. You really think they wouldn’t shuffle around to try and make it so he could commentate top eight if he wanted to? Yeah no

  25. Legitimately I don't think they would. For something a little more laid back like Summit? Sure. Not Genesis.

  26. Last time we lost to Nashville we went our losing streak. Lets bounce back. LFGD!

  27. New title: Adin says his thoughts that XQC can’t decipher, Hasan translates it to Layman Terms before Adin is able to do so

  28. It's layman's terms. Like the terms of a layman lmao

  29. i changed my mind about 3 on 3 overtime. it’s clearly a solid indication of the better team. this newfound perspective is absolutely not a result of recency bias and is certain not to change moving forward.

  30. I don't think there was ever a consideration for safety of a person regarding the depth between the rails, or the space under a platform. These stations are relics and time/money are most important. If you ever see tracks where the middle is deeper, its most likely designed that way to handle water drainage, not to fit a person.

  31. Also knowing how stupid people are, I'm sure people would go down there intentionally to film it and more accidental deaths would occur than lives saved because of it.

  32. Didn't notice the braids until your comment.

  33. Always has been. Him beating Chara and… I wanna say Seabrook or Doughty? for the Norris in 2012 was the canary in the coal mine that warned of the shift in Norris voting over the last decade

  34. There really should be two different defense trophies. One for offensive, another for defensive. Problem solved.

  35. It's crazy when you compare the amount of awards forwards win verse awards defenseman even have a chance in.

  36. Hart/Lindsay/Selke/Calder/Richard vs. Norris/Calder/Hart (rarely) /Lindsay (once, ever, and it wasn't even called the Lindsay in 1974)

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