1. Bro, you are so talented, keep up the work

  2. Cats, they only care about food and sleeping

  3. The same, its not really about WHAT you smoke, just smoking instantly turns me off

  4. Agreed. The smell gives me an instant headache. Even if they don't smoke around me they still smell like it.

  5. Right, thats one of my main reasons of why i find smoking so bad

  6. I wish I could say that it doesn't annoy me, but seeing a re-post of something constantly posted get thousands and thousands of upvotes grinds my gears. That annoys me most about them, lazy content getting easy upvotes.

  7. Yeah, its very annoying seeing the same question again and again every week, the worst part is that they get tons of upvotes with 0 work

  8. Thats the good part, they help the economy

  9. Those people who ignore the facts and argue about stupid stuff.

  10. They just cant get over his problems and start arguing with random people on the internet, pretty miserable

  11. I had an argument with someone yesterday about a piece of equipment on an oil rig and they couldn’t understand how severe weather affects an oil rig.

  12. Extreme heat now you dont need gas or fire to cook, just leave the meat on your car!!

  13. ik, i just didnt knew that linkin park was metal or any variant of metal, i thought it was punk (as you can see, i didnt listen almost anything from them)

  14. I feel like that second "metal" indicates that this isn't OP's first rodeo.

  15. Yep, idk why i added the second "metal" being honest

  16. Haven't had time to look through all of them, but it looks like old photos.

  17. Please, if you find anything interesting post it

  18. It's not really a genre, more of a category, but I listen to classical music most of the time.

  19. Nice, i love classical music, but i dont listen to it a lot

  20. Damn, now i want to watch a video of an ant being dropped from an airplane

  21. Anything other than math, I love to learn about I just can’t get my head around math.

  22. Biology for sure & you know why

  23. True, that type of scenes totally distracts me from the main storyline

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