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  1. Can someone please put that in the wiki under the aliases section? That would be hilarious.

  2. I bought a $3k couch from Burrow that is scratch proof. That thing seems indestructible

  3. How is it for the human tooshies though?

  4. Los Andes is amazing for special occasions! Or any occasion. They're just super good.

  5. Maybe she transferred stores, she’s always mad when she has to service customers but she literally has a job that requires you to service customers. Fascinating!

  6. Sooo.... on a related note. Spheres can be made out of hexagons. I think they might be building frame nodes for the Deathstar.

  7. In the late 70s I saw Heart open for ELO of all people at Cobo Hall in Detroit. I figured the Wilson sisters were just pretty faces to front the band. Boy was I wrong. Nancy absolutely amazed me with her talent and ability. She's also posted a number of videos demonstrating her techniques of the OP's niece is looking to learn.

  8. I saw them in 2015 and they still friggin got it. Legends.

  9. Yeah, I still have the 3a and it runs just as smoothly as the day I got it. I'm totally a pixel fanboy.

  10. I just upgraded recently from the 3a to the 7 because they are no longer putting out security updates for anything older than a 4. Just something you may want to look into.

  11. So this would be the man to hire when I sue Oreos for false advertising, how do you know it’s milks favorite cookie

  12. I need his number. I've had beef with Kay Jewelers for decades. Trying to tell me "Every kiss begins with Kay," I call bullshit.

  13. Disagree, the sergeant was the platonic ideal of a jumped up local cop giddy to get to use his military surplus equipment to serve a warrant like they're taking down Bin Laden.

  14. I gave him an ocular pat down.

  15. My kitty's name is Chips too! You're the only other I've seen that isn't the singular.

  16. It was his excuse to let me go. I'm not a young pretty woman and that's all he likes to hire. My field is predominantly females so it's not hard for him to do it. And I made more than others in my position but I did more.

  17. Aww, OP, don't worry. I'm sure you're very pretty.

  18. Just don't let sweet Munji munch the ZZ

  19. Seconding! ZZs are toxic to kitties.

  20. Man the lock down ruined this, I used to go to sephora and they would literally fill up a little sample bottle for you to take at no cost, do that once every couple weeks and you can wear Burberry for free, and dignity intact. Last time I went they said they couldn't do it anymore due to "hygiene reasons" whatever that means.

  21. Hygiene, as if perfume isn't primarily just alcohol lol

  22. Oof that’s pricy. Any chance you know of a dupe?

  23. Try a local formal dress shop. One of the ones where they sell wedding and prom dresses. They will likely have something really similar and hopefully more in your price range than this one! It's a pretty basic silhouette and neckline so I would be surprised if you aren't able to find anything at all that you like.

  24. We adopted a kitten last week and most of my money has been funnelled into both necessary and impulse purchases for him. He deserves everything, I can't help myself!!!

  25. Thomas midgley also invented Chlorofluorocarbons which was used in fridges, which basically fucked the ozone layer and its now banned because of that.

  26. Recently I've been looking at the political climate from the position of somebody who doesn't give a fuck or doesn't follow politics or the news or really know much about anything outside of their own little world. I dunno what did it, but it sort of snapped into focus.

  27. When the power was on, it still produced sound and, after watching some videos, I was able to blindly navigate the settings menu. The joysticks and buttons seemed to be just fine. Assuming it was the monitor, I took it out and tested it with a different power cable and VGA cable. Dead. So I borrowed a monitor from a friend that was way too big, just to test the machine again and success! Then I knew all I needed to do was find a smaller monitor

  28. If your boss asks, tell them you couldn't just get it working and gave up. If they know it's fixed they might try to get it back and make life difficult for you.

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