1. If this is the new definition, againsthate is guilty

  2. They want to send people to re-education camps.

  3. freedom of speech. if we can't say ideas people don't like. freedom of speech is dead.

  4. totally based post. groomer admins needs to face the wall or get into the wood chipper. a bunch of fucking retards.

  5. There's no way that wallstreetbets is going to stop using the R word. just now way.

  6. Having a unique culture is totally fine. having opinions based upon your culture, also fine.

  7. this one old guy always come by, "I don't have enough apples for my 3 houses... and you have a lot of apples.. You should share some"

  8. We can argue that sharing video may not be legal, but the rest, i see nothing illegal here, is it illegal to inform people of past events?

  9. You can still find a way to have fun even if can't afford a slip and slide. Good for him.

  10. From the picture I assumed you park there for the shade, but its so your kids can use the driveway and know if a car is coming when they are playing / biking.

  11. Please submit proof that you sucked a trans man's pussy or a trans woman's cock by next week if you want to be able to continue posting ...

  12. Damn well the only one I have readily available is my own. guess I gotta start doing stretches

  13. Sorry self pleasure won't count. Kinda seems transphobic to resort to stretching to avoid some other trans person a BJ or taco munch.

  14. Iโ€™d be surprised if it covered 5% of their needs. Youโ€™re helping to pay the rest through the break NV Energy gave them that NV energy gets to recover from other rate payers.

  15. Mail in voting is voting. Republicans used to support it until Democrats started using it to vote too.

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