Association between meatless diet and depression: Participants who excluded meat from their diet were found to have a higher prevalence of depressive episodes as compared to participants who consumed meat. This association is independent of socioeconomic, lifestyle factors,and nutrient deficiencies.

I'm genuinely flabbergasted.

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Guy saves girl from gang of bullies

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[SPOILER] Irene Aldana vs. Macy Chiasson

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  1. You shouldn't be getting hurt by locks. If you're going to keep rolling with him:

  2. I (23F) really want to sign up for my first class. I’ve never taken a class nor done any martial arts training which is fine.

  3. If the women's class will get you through the door quicker, you should do that one. The hardest step is the first one, so whatever makes you more comfortable. And the main thing for progress is to actually turn up. So, do whatever it takes to turn up.

  4. Coach doesn't want us to cross train so we don't show our techniques to others

  5. I can hear the gi players booing. Legit comment. This is what I'm saying. The gi is training wheels. You can get away with technically unsound shit because you have a gi to grab onto. I've seen high ranking gi players become totally lost in nogi. Yeah they can still grapple competently, but the heat is gone from their game without the training wheels.

  6. You can get away with technically unsound shit in no gi to escape by being slippery or strong.

  7. I feel like this post needs sources to be scientific/working recommendations as the name implies. Without those I can't really trust any of it.

  8. I've never heard of sundown towns until today, and didn't realize the racial implications of the phrase "wrong place at the wrong time".

  9. I don't think they were saying that's the origin of that phrase, just that it applies there.

  10. There's no amount you should be training. If you go, any amount of times, you'll get better. If you can't afford to pay for more classes, then you're going to as many as you can, and that's the best you can do.

  11. Definitely! You're currently training more than I am, and I'm still improving/not getting worse, so take heart from that :)

  12. https://hanse.boatoon.com/en/versandinformationen

  13. I saw this, however they only have one of the parts I need :(

  14. If anything it is interesting how bad he looks striking for being one of the greatest athletes in the world. Looks better though than the old videos that were really really bad.

  15. This is exactly what I thought. Looks like just a huge dude who wants to try boxing, is actually one of the most skilled combat sports athletes ever

  16. I don't think it's necessarily as simple as calling people flat out "evil", although I'm sure there are some vegans that would go that far...

  17. This is something I'm glad some people understand. If you say you think eating meat is wrong, and someone eats meat, you're saying you think they do something that's wrong. Obviously that isn't fun whether you or they are right. It's difficult, I eat meat, but often defend vegetarians and vegans because I've actually gone and thought about my meat consumption and am happy with myself and the morals of what I eat. A lot of people haven't and get defensive.

  18. Bullies never take getting hit well. When I was a kid this older guy was always pushing kids my age around or telling them what to do, he even picked on my older brother because he was kinda light and not tough looking, so boy did he regret it when I snapped. I nearly knocked him out. He went to secondary school that year and a few years later when I arrived other kids were already warned by him not to try anything on me even though in 99% of the time I'm like the sweetest calmest guy.

  19. This is more of a wrestling question but here goes -- when standing, I feel like a lot of my offense is off an underhook... usually like to snap to front headlock from there, snatch single, slideby, or uchi mata --> ankle pick. Usually I club the neck/collar tie and then get the underhook from there with my opposite arm, but most of my training partners see it coming now and are better at preventing me from getting the underhook.

  20. Do guys like Gordon Ryan get crazy jacked from just BJJ training + steroids, or are they lifting weights a ton too?

  21. I'm pretty sure if you google it you can see his workout.

  22. I knew this would be Galvao before I opened it haha

  23. There was a Glory Rivals event recently. Kind of surprised no one on

  24. Less interesting then Pereira hitting pads

  25. They zoom in on cameras that are far away, or have cameras set up that capture automatically

  26. You posting this just plays into what the shirt says, liberals are so easily triggered

  27. I’m more pissed that he wished the guy well lol

  28. It's more likely they'll come around to not being racist if you don't ostracise them. People don't stop being racist because they end up with only other racists as friends.

  29. Her body actually just shut down, what the actual fuck

  30. It happens with a liver shot. I walked into a liver kick in a light/medium spar at a Muay Thai class. I made a noise, and suddenly I was down on my hand and knees. Just couldn't get up. Everything shuts down for a minute.

  31. The classic thread - everyone praised the idea, zero ppl click through

  32. This guy is much bigger than me, I dont think a bodylock is wise

  33. Im 66kg he is approx 90kg and ex powerlifter.

  34. Why is that different from any other position though? He's a big powerful boy, it's all a risk haha.

  35. Low key want to just skip drilling and just roll

  36. We all do, it's just not as good for your skills.

  37. I’m trying to buy some instructional videos. Where should I do this? BJJ fanatics??? I downloaded the app and it seems pretty lousy

  38. I normally just use the free stuff on youtube, I've got huge amounts out of that. But then I don't really have the time or patience for a full instructional.

  39. ¿Verdad? No puedo verlo en el programación de Eurosport. ¿Sabes/Conoces (español no es mi lengua nativa) cual numero de Eurosport numero/canal?

  40. Did you inject politics just to deflect from your pseudo intellectual drivel, or are you really that much of a victim?

  41. He hasn't deleted it, he's blocked you, ha,.

  42. Because this version doesn't have the punchline imo

  43. In understood it before seeing the original, so I disagree.

  44. Then why did you say the words that you said?

  45. I HATE working out for the pure fact that it’s exhausting. I know it will help me regulate emotions and make me happy the next day but having to mentally and physically push myself gets tiring. Also whenever I hit that exhaustion point in a workout that we all have to push through I get instantly aggravated. I hate working out

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