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  1. Think we might head into a range. Starting to sell call spreads for 3800 - 3900 and put spreads for 3500 - 3400.

  2. I mean it's probably better he got stopped out. I don't think we're reversing but this market has all sanity out the window

  3. Yeah man, congrats on sticking to your thesis even when it took your worst path.

  4. >Are the current sellers mainly those who are short term traders as opposed to long term investors?

  5. Lower lows and lower high breaks will be good for the bear case, but it's by no means a done deal at this point.

  6. So...this is the big drop right? SPX is going to trend down to 3200 or lower from here?

  7. There was some other post by this guy on Twitter (same guy) talking about a market in straight freefall. Like COVID freefall. Unlikely right now, imo. We have economic headwinds but not -30% GDP headwinds.

  8. I think this guy is pretty overzealous. There are a few major monthly levels before 250. 330, 280, 300 all huge levels.

  9. So if the market pumps for a couple days it will burn your portfolio pretty hard. Seem like the exact time it will happen.

  10. That is not exactly true. You see i will also be long so I can make money like that too. What really happens here is maybe ill lose my paper trading account but I will not lose all the lot lizard money I made last week. Thats mine and I get to spend it on adult movies and some food for me and my dad. I promised him Sizzler so I will get him that. Think or Swim has a great paper trading account. If you want to simulate all these trades like I am doing, just use the paper trading account. Are you familiar with paper trading?

  11. I heard HoleyProfit set up a small account to test your theory that it was delusional to think you could lose for a long time and then make a lot of money in the break.

  12. It would have been less than ideal. But I waited until after the pump to do this.

  13. Absolutely. CCIV went to 60 on just a rumor. A rumor. There was some chance it would just gap down to $10 over night if they couldn't agree on a deal with Lucid. That's a terrible risk for selling puts. Them delaying the announcement didn't look great either and still the stock went up further. Pure insanity. On the other hand this Thursday and Friday had some really great buying opportunities in other SPACs, were you could buy stuff so close to $10 that risk/reward is heavily in your favor. Can't fall much lower from there. While CCIV could still fall another 50%+ even at current prices.

  14. Time has moved on a bit now. You can back-test the proposed ideas against FB (META) and NFLX now.

  15. Bit early for this perhaps. We went higher today than I'd have expected us to go in a bear move.

  16. I think we've probably made a bear break over the last couple days but will see a bull trap up to at least 76% of the drop and as much as double top.

  17. Guys, this time you better really listen up now. This time is not like the last 3 years I have been screaming for a crash, shorting the market on a 1000 point run up on the S&P, getting my shit stuffed in really hard and having to move back in with my mom and take a job at Pizza Hut, no this time its different. My mom loaned me $200 dollars and I have all of it in the market.

  18. Unless you can explain why human beings are going to suddenly sell off all their investments and retirement accounts, all of this is really just predicated on a graph you drew in ms paint.

  19. 2023 will be when the recession will start to show. (recessions are not a bad thing, they're necessary with the debt cycle)

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