1. Did this camera have a zone trigger? This is the speaker of the house, house and it doesn't seem that the camera system even alerted the secret service etc.

  2. Well, wouldn't it have a zone trigger because Nancy pelosi also lives there? And sure, it would alert capital police. The more interesting Q is the zone trigger

  3. I don't know how capitol security works, so I can't really answer that question, but there are plenty of explanations, most likely that they don't monitor it when Nancy Pelosi's not there. It would trigger every time Paul Pelosi stepped out on his back porch.

  4. Everyone saying they were confused should consider this:

  5. There have been sooooo many police shootings where they thought that a phone, a car part, empty air, etc... was a gun. But this time they can't see a hammer, ok

  6. They look like too guilty teenagers just busted that something they shouldn't have been doing that's not how a typical burglar mugger victim is

  7. Right? The story doesn’t make sense. If this guy broke in to attack Mr. Pelosi, why did he only do it once standing in front of police? Why did it seem like they both planned to open the door? If Mr. Pelosi was being attacked before the door opened, why is he still holding what appears to be a beverage in his left (uncuffed) hand? When they first open the door, Mr. Pelosi’s guest even asks the cops, “How are ya?” The whole thing seems staged to a degree.

  8. In all my life, I have never seen someone pick any type of drink over a hammer to the head.

  9. Just for a better reference than a light bulb (which is a pretty low energy, non- travel device)

  10. A lot of this frustration is basically due to people in cities going outside them, and that's not some dis on them, I've always lived in a city.

  11. So her logic seems to be you aren't "really" bi unless you're married to a woman...

  12. I was on tinder for 1 week 2 years ago, some matches, no conversations, profile had a movie quote and a bland pic of me. Banned permanently. I also had gold but it was cheaper then. After googling, seems like it’s common.

  13. Ever heard the phrase innocent until proven guilty? Charges are charges until you're convicted. Accusation does not imply guilt.

  14. Innocent until proven guilty is a legal status, it doesn't mean you have to ignore your eyes and ears.

  15. You don't know shit about the available info, you're not involved and you weren't there. The evidence isn't public, the court documents are sealed. Literally any info you have is hearsay, which isn't admissible in courts for good reason.

  16. Whats with 'libs' constantly defending big pharma, corporations, centralised bloated governance and mainstream media lmao, I miss the 90s.

  17. So if you get in a car accident and go to the hospital and get treatment does that mean you love big pharma?

  18. And unquestioning trust, actively turning a blind eye to and covering up for their corruption, malevolence and psychopathy by shamelessly and consistently attacking their detractors is a bit more than 'using a product', I dont know how you've twisted what I said into that in your head 😂

  19. Yeah cuz it’s not like laws aren’t written down in these things called books. And it’s not like we don’t have immediate access to those written laws on this thing called the internet. … oh wait you gotta know how to read though

  20. I wonder if climate change deniers will ever realize Davos is not a climate conference, most climate activists don't like the rich people at Davos either, and that the US party which opposes climate change legalized unlimited dark money campaign bribes by those same rich people.

  21. climate has always been changing. the last ice age did not end because neanderthals used their cars too much

  22. Let me guess, though, when Veritas releases an entire video you still think it's edited, right?

  23. My days you shills sure are fucking something else. Nope were saying we're glad the footage is released and we hope it's the full footage and not some edited down version. This is a very reasonable request

  24. Small government, anti-groomer, but also I need to know a lot of information about teen girls' vaginas.

  25. Pretty understandable for the people around to step in. I know a lot of people on this platform are going all

  26. He is only partially right. Sundar and the rest of the c suite ought to take a massive pay cut.

  27. Seriously, I refuse to believe anyone's labors and talents have exclusively generated a billion dollars, and that the only way it could happen is by paying a person, in stock or cash, that much.

  28. This is quite difficult for me, as I live here and know that this culture of misogyny and sexual abuse is not what has caused the population numbers. It's the economy, and Japanese tend to respond to economic uncertainty by tightening their belts. And that means, in some cases, not having children when they feel they can't afford them.

  29. To be honest the best way to avoid the bullsh*t altogether is just not have kids. More women especially are realizing this, as when they have kids they do all the heavy lifting in the child-rearing and the result isn't even considered her "legacy". I don't think they're a legacy at all but that's another topic.) Doesn't even get her last name, either, most of the time, depending on the society in question.

  30. I'd guess the capsule shell makes it easier for some people to swallow. Notice how when they get wet they get very slippery.

  31. You're right about capsules being easier to swallow, but in this case I think that's secondary to marketing. Tylenol sells the harder to swallow tablets, and Walgreens could have made the sides any color or solid white, but chose to copy the blue-red motif which I think is for a Tylenol's "rapid release" pill.

  32. You shouldn't shit where you eat, no pun intended, if you're gonna deal drugs to kids.

  33. In this thread: Redditors have a solution. You just have to trust them, even though none of them are experts in crime, or mental health, or firearms. Most of them haven't even visited the U.S. or had a discussion with someone living here. All they see is our news headlines that are meant to paint a picture of utter chaos so that the populace will stay in line and vote a certain way and keep the system going.

  34. Do you mean criminals don't care about following gun laws? It's a felony to possesss a banned firearm in California, regardles of where you got it.

  35. I feel like there are some problems with this idea, but why doesn't Netflix add an option to "fund" shows?

  36. I can see all of the shows being held hostage, with creators begging for people to sign up or they lose their job

  37. Yeah, I guess that's inevitable, but it's a shame, they could make money and satisfy customers if they could just keep their greed at bay.

  38. It's another reason Google should be broken up though. Google bought Waze for 1 billion dollars in 2013, a move due to Google's extreme wealth, power and influence. That acquisition removed competition from the market, competition that offered what many believed to be a superior product. Even the old Waze CEO commented "Looking back, we could have probably grown faster and much more efficiently had we stayed independent."

  39. Yeah, the fact they didn't start charging in response to competition and in fact paid to get rid of it shows their argument about having to charge if they're broken up is BS.

  40. A guy showed up to his date in a car covered in big titty anime girl stickers. Inside and out. Every and all surfaces. The whole damn thing just tits and ass. And the back seat had these pillows shaped like anime girls too.

  41. See, 1 sticker? Maybe you say "he's got a slightly crass sense of taste, or he's a big fan of something"

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