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  1. Never done a discord bot but this could be due to the fact that you've registered like five event handlers for the message created event. Try only having one.

  2. You'd need to explain more about what you are trying to do here, I guess I don't see why you wouldn't just handle this inside the keydown event handler you already have. Why does this function need to do it?

  3. American Tall mostly, sometimes Asos tall section. I'm 6'9" and usually wear a size Large Extra Tall from American Tall or just a large tall at asos

  4. Where does it say "it can be used in a synchronous way". It can't be. It will not block code execution while it runs.

  5. You can use `performance.now` to time it yourself (

  6. Do you know the differences between performance.now() and console.time()?

  7. performance.now() returns a high resolution time stamp, giving you values down to microseconds*. console.time() starts a timer, which then runs until you stop it and returns milliseconds elapsed.

  8. How quickly do other computers need to see that one of the items is marked as bad? Should they see a notification right away? Or is it fine if it only checks for changes like every 5 minutes or something?

  9. Preferably right away. I envisioned it like an Xhttp request to an API, its constantly being chekced and updating It seems like websockets could be the way to go to see these updates right away. But it doesn't really matter. This is a learning experiment, anyway, so I'm curious what you have to say for either option.

  10. Based on what you've said, and the fact that this is just a learning application, here is what I would reccommend.

  11. Yep you are thinking about it correctly then. The reason for the question was to determine websockets vs a regular http API. The thing about doing an api without websockets is that you cannot tell the UI that something changed. The UI must ask the server for data, or send data to the server. The server can't just send data to the UI without it asking for it.

  12. If you consider WebKit as the standard sure, if you consider the actual standards as the standard Firefox is the fastest to implement things

  13. I love how someone said firefox isn't the first to implement standards and everyone started echoing the same thing like a fact.

  14. I love how someone said firefox is the first to implement standards and everyone started echoing the same thing like a fact.

  15. I wish this was true, but it just isn't. Here is one example, there are more:

  16. I don't have an answer to your exact question however I have a thought you should consider.

  17. The first alone in the dark ported to PS1 was actually alone in the dark 2. I remember renting it. It's very bad. See for yourself:

  18. Maybe not a great beginner example, but shows you can make whatever you want. A playstation asset viewer is my favorite personal project:

  19. Thanks for sharing this! I came in sixth with Charon Jr.

  20. I wonder if you can share about the thinking behind the code.

  21. I do have a blog post outlining some of the thought process and core concepts:

  22. Ionic supports very basic customization nicely, but anything beyond that is not customizable at all. I've found myself fighting it many times. If you just need basic default iOS/Android styles it can be handy, but if you don't want that I'd go with something else

  23. While I kind of agree for some models and textures, this is really only because the draw distance in silent hill is about 5 feet. MGS doesn't really limit draw distance, so overall it's a lot better looking to me

  24. Want to share my entry for this years JS13K Games.

  25. Hope y'all will give the game a try! It was a ton of work, feedback welcome.

  26. requestAnimationFrame is just a callback you can run when the browser re renders. I've personally never seen throttling with it, but my assumption would be that if it's running slower that would be because your browser is running at a lower refresh rate or your whole system is.

  27. You should join the emu dev discord server. It's full of experts that are super helpful.

  28. Get wheels that fit properly. After that it really depends what you want to do with the car. But those wheels are very sad

  29. You have two options really. One is a progressive web app. However this requires you to host your project somewhere, have them visit the site, and then choose to add your app to their home screen.

  30. What did Hank's wide-eyed stare at the end of their hug mean? I half-expected him to look down at a knife in his stomach or something, but instead it just faded out and I'm left wondering.

  31. From a Variety interview with Harder:

  32. GameShark and other similar codes work by modifying values in ram. This means that if you make a code long enough, you can do pretty much anything.

  33. Looking at the video it doesn’t seem like it’s using textures. Not every part of Lara is textured in the original game. The arms and legs are just colored triangles. I think the cheat uses that color for the whole mesh.

  34. You could be right however there's no way to tell that from the video. Changing all palette colors to the same color would result in the same end result as untextured polygons with that color as far as what is rendered.

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