1. Good job. Your good enough to play grown up darts now.. jk

  2. Its obvious that the students made this out of whatever they could find lying around and pocketed the money.

  3. Im 51 and had 12 years of sobriety at one point. Started drinking again 7 years ago. I have been sober almost a month and started running and lifting weights again. Currently trying to quit smoking. I feel great and will feel even better once i quit smoking.

  4. Congrats!! It is way better without all of the problems and wasted time and money. Im 3 weeks in and the difference is amazing! The best thing is no more self created daily problems to deal with. Now I can fix the real life problems head on.

  5. I went 13 years. Then a new job and a Christmas party kicked off 7 years of increased drinking. Its been 3 weeks for me. Its been like old times and pretty great! Kinda starting to relive the good old sober days. You might find the same nostalgic and comfortable sober life a throw ba k to netter times like Im experiencing. Good luck!

  6. Even if someone is older like me and you, we still have a simple choice. Either you will decide to do it OR you wont. Young or old, we make decisions everyday. What to eat, what to wear, what to say, what to do. Its just another simple daily decision that is made.

  7. You an do it! It may be challenging, especially at 1st, but it is quite SIMPLE. It really is simple, just get rid of it and dont buy more. Its harder at certain times, but just dont. Pretty simple and not complicated at all.

  8. Congrats!!! Next up: 7 months!! U got this far, I know you will make it, piece of cake for someone as strong as you!!!

  9. In my opinion (Im not an expert) sober means no alcohol at all. Cutting back is "moderation" the way I understand it.

  10. Im sorry about your job my friend. Inspiring display of inner strength! Youve shown that drinking wont help and youll get another job alot sooner if you dont.

  11. Its good for those beginning this journey to know it DOES get better. Im alot better at 2 weeks. I made it 12 years but started again. Life is better without it! IWNDWYT!!

  12. Still sober afyer overcoming ALOT. Truly amazing display of strength! You got this thing! Stay strong and keep it up!

  13. Congrats! Today is a day that alot of people never reach. 1 year is a truly incredible accomplishment! We are all very proud of that feat of determination!

  14. Trust. Its taken for granted until its lost. When its earned back its precious.

  15. Nice!!! You are a true inspiration!

  16. Sounds like something a Russian astronomer would say to me. LOL!!!

  17. Well you CAN stop for a few days or weeks. That sounds like a building block to me. If you can do that you can quit. Sounds like you have a good degree of self empowerment and will. You are ahead of the game if you can do that much! You just gotta string those weeks together and before you know it, you will find that you dont think about it very much at all. Stay strong!

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