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  1. If it wasn't this badly done it would actually be badass

  2. Kakva je ovo lažna propaganda? Zašto su mu oči otvorene? 😂

  3. Samo sto nisam zaspao dok sam pravio, htio sam remejkovat sami grb u istom stilu, ali mi se nije bakćalo oko toga

  4. It's worse for free vr games iv'e only encountered 13 people over the age of 13 for the two years of me in vr

  5. I have gotten one persons Snapchat from this game and we’ve been great friends for 3 years now and play Among Us daily. Never again will I want someone’s snap because she was a very rare find that my gf and I absolutely love having in our life :)

  6. Great to hear and that is as well not sexual

  7. Why do i get notifications that this post has 500 upvotes when its 6

  8. Its at 600+ votes. Sometimes when you click the post through notifications it won't show the updated numbers. Itll be stuck around a set of random lower numbers. Seems like a newer glitch. Like the data doesnt update if you go to your post through the notification.

  9. da ali uglavnom ovdje su osobe vjerovatno starijeg doba pa nesto ovako im izgleda dosta cudno. Razumijem zasto ali to ne pobjedjuje cinjenicu da izgleda lijepo.

  10. Hahahahhahahaha ja imam utisak da ovamo 90% ljudi ne moze jos da polaze vozacki, kakve starije osobe? 🤣

  11. I'm afraid some people think it's real quiz 😭

  12. Bounty being a brawler might be a hint for penny remodel

  13. There is no any land in Earth's north pole. That's also why Antarctica is a continent and Arctic isnt

  14. When those islands are clearly Romanian 💪🇷🇴

  15. Ima ih milijardi i u nas bi bilo naucnika i genijalaca da se mnozimo kao indusi

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