[OC] My little Subwoofer is 12 this week !

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  1. I theorize if I sit on it at the right angle and open my mouth, I’ll look like a fountain. Update coming soon.

  2. It's perfect for when you wake up in the middle of the night parched and have to pee. Two birds.

  3. Br flower is still cheaper bc of BRs wholesale deals. Amplify starting to include flower on sale again next week

  4. Source? A little birdy told me they were hemorrhaging money and had to cease the deals. Not to mention isn't Amplify BR's dispo?

  5. A lot of people have a misconception of what other states prices are. Yes, there is cheaper flower in michigan… but the top shelf tlower costs same as ohio! Michigrown, local grove, gage bags all cost what buckeye, certified, even woodward charges. The carts are cheaper but typically low quality for the 10/100 type of deals. Edibles are a bit cheaper. And dabs. But flower you get what you pay for. And theres alot of TRASH in michigan. California same way top shelf brands are 300 an ounce. But yes, you can find some outdoor/greenhouse for cheaper

  6. I've been to a majority of legal states. Maybe 3 months ago I was in SF (one of the most expensive cities in one of their most pricy dispos) and got an 8th (not 2.8 grams) of their best Top Shelf for 60 bucks.

  7. If you as a company want to automate your hiring process that much, it indicates to me how you treat current employees. I don't know why people think this is acceptable when if a company was respectful of their applicants time, they wouldn't have so many hoops. If they want to gauge if an applicant follows orders blindly and has bad time management? Sure automated video interviews accomplish that.

  8. I smoked spice daily for about a year a little over 10 years ago and that shit was nuts but not as nuts as the videos of people here. It was like a mini acid trip for 15 minutes and I loved it. It got to the point where I would smoke spice on my break at work and go back in tripping balls. I'll never forget trying to check people out at the cash register and my arms looked like they were 10 feet long. I miss spice occasionally because it was fun but it would also make you feel like you were gonna die sometimes lmao. My favortie kind was called hammerhead or sonic boom, they would fuck you up. The only reason I stopped smoking spice was because they changed it and banned one of the ingredients and suddenly all the shit in the stores didn't really get you high anymore so I went back to the good ol ganja.

  9. Hammerhead was the legend spice back in the day! That's interesting that you had the stretching hallucination too! I'd smoke it daily too and even when I wasn't high, I'd be sitting at a red light And the road would start stretching longer. That was a little terrifying....

  10. rescanning the screen with a DSLR or even a phone or other nice digital camera is pretty much the way. Some tricks I know of are use as flat of a crt as possible. lower the brightness quite a bit on crt to enrich the blacks/color, Set your shutter to 60 to help prevent banding, and slightly de-focus to lessen moire and shadow mask/ scan lines

  11. I always use Rcomp from waves. Setting gain reduction 4 for 808, slow attack 30ms, fastest release. High note sounds right, but low note sounds so bad. I always try 1 octave up, but its gonna be always end up with 808 sounds not right with instruments.

  12. Kenny Beats has a rant on YouTube about not sidechaining 808's for hip hop. I know the only time I use it is if the other layers are taking a lot of space in the spectrum and eq isn't enough.

  13. Yeah it's strange. There must be something about the vibrations

  14. My submeower(cat) has been drawn to my sub since being a kitten. If it's not the vibrations, maybe it's the air from the port?

  15. After 2016, false equivalency only serves to muddy the waters and impede progress. Establishment democrats are suboptimal, but they aren't anywhere close to as bad as the actual fascists.

  16. You cannot make this shit up. Well I guess you can, she just did.... She made a fake job.

  17. marjorie taylor greene if she never was elected

  18. I wasn't buying that shit either. Like you said, "public utilities" meaning it's baked in. This is bullshit and everyone should be looking for scalps.

  19. Right. Like let's feel bad for the monopoly who's business model depends on people's desire to cook food and not freeze to death.

  20. Hmmm. Not specifically you, I don't know you or your situation but I feel like a lot of humans with normal fleeting attention spans self identify as having adhd because most of psych is normal human stuff taken to an extreme so that it causes occupation, social, or recreational dysfunction. Like people with adhd will have documented struggles and poor achievement in some area as a result of it.

  21. That's a very interesting take. I wonder if there's statistics on people taking legal amphetamines, getting taken off and seeking illegal alternatives. Is it as likely as opioids?

  22. Yeah, it is dual purpose. It's free data entry and a filter. It's a very stupid filter though, as it will filter out the candidates that aren't desperate and more in demand.

  23. I never understood the data entry point because whats the point of having a database of resume info that is going to be outdated in less than a year?

  24. Just grabbed 3 oz in Michigan for 150.00 plus tax , Fuck Ohio and the cash grab at these dispensaries, it's ridiculous.

  25. Everyone says this but there's no way you are getting 3 oz of top shelf for 150.

  26. Every time I paid for ads, it never was worth it. If anything it seemed to negatively affected my reach after the ad campaign, as now Instagram was seeing I was willing to pay for ads.

  27. Yeah I think you are right. They want us to pay to just get our content exposed to our followers.

  28. Yeah NYC flow was just okay. I was hoping for a harder sativa feel but was moreso a hybrid.

  29. I had the same experience. How can they advertise it looking like this when it's crumbly as fuck and pretty much shittily done pressed kief.

  30. Pressure him all you want, there's been enough studies out. He's just not listening. Literally the generation that flunked science and math are writing the science and math laws.

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