1. Back in the 1990s, when I started noticing the weirdness but it hadn't gotten bad yet, my daughter suddenly had imaginary friends. She was probably 5 or 6 and had never done that before.

  2. There’s a British comedian named Johnny Vegas. He’s been around for a while, maybe she saw him on tv and it stuck somehow. Just a thought.

  3. I’m so sorry you’re having to deal with this toxicity in what is clearly a bad enough time. What follows isn’t legal advice, or any kind of advice, for that matter. It’s just what I wish I had told the people at my mother’s nursing home.

  4. I don’t know Australian law, but I imagine you should be able to order replacement documents and ID from the appropriate authorities.

  5. what the hell is the lawsuit for? i thought giving money to people was legal, they do it for the one percent but when its for the other 99 who tf goes "hold up now lets think about the legality", or are lawsuits completely removed from the actual law like everybody already thinks it is? so much for rules if you can just decide to change them or their meaning whenever it suits the plaintiff.

  6. It’s not even giving anyone money. It doesn’t cost anyone anything additional. It just like getting a note that says “hey, you know that money you’re waiting for, that’s not coming? Well I t’s not coming.”

  7. Just stop paying. They can't default all of us.

  8. Yeah, I forgave my own student loans years ago. They can fuck right off.

  9. If I ran a service-oriented business and ran it the way most companies are run today, the thing that would keep me up at night is the fact that my lowest-paid, most poorly-treated employees have the biggest impact on my customers’ opinion of my company. They are the embodiment of the company’s values, and they have no reason to pretend to care.

  10. If he decided to lay you off, you’d get zero days notice, so…. 🤷🏻‍♂️

  11. Your boss is correct. You have to get at least 30 minutes off the clock, starting before your fifth hour begins.

  12. So you can’t talk about unions on the clock, but they’ll pay you to come in and hear why you shouldn’t unionize? Nice.

  13. Either make sure it’s resolved before tk song the lease and move in, or walk away. Roaches are nearly impossible to get rid of, and they will hitchhike with your stuff when you do eventually move out.

  14. I’m lucky enough to have been following this story as well as the planned walk out. I say fucking do it. We sit here and talk and complain about the bourgeoisie but what are we actually doing about it?

  15. They don’t even see their employees as employees.

  16. Here is the problem: you've been doing EVERYONE a disservice by working 80h weeks. You signal to management that things are okay when they aren't. If you had limited everyone's work week to 40h, including your own, the funeral maybe wouldn't have been a problem.

  17. I like the show but hate the fact that Eli is the daughter to that guy and that there's a vampire drug. I wish they had stuck closer to the book.

  18. She’s his daughter? That sucks. I loved that the relationship was left unexplained in the film.

  19. told her I’m open for reschedule then will ghost. I’m not working for people who don’t value others’ time.

  20. “The computer. inaccurately. scheduled you over another appointment”

  21. If they don’t value you enough to pay you now, they never will.

  22. Don’t give this guy any money. He WILL gamble it and he WILL lose it.

  23. The Ritual (on Netflix) is an absolutely great film (best creature design since Alien) and unintended urination occurs at one point.

  24. "Mess things up' by letting corporate know what's going on. Show up anyway. Give them an earful.

  25. I’m sorry you’re going through this. An opportunist is taking advantage of your family makes it so much worse.

  26. Paying minimum wage is the same as telling your employees “Man, I sure wish I could pay you less than I do, but damn it, my hands are tied.”

  27. Not Horror, but I’m telling you guys, Condorman is where it’s at. It could even work as an addition to the whole marvel nonsense.

  28. Regardless, I’ll gladly install whatever they require on a company provided phone, but my personal phone is not available for company use.

  29. Because you can’t screenshot condescending advice when it’s over the phone. Interesting how their prices keep going up, but their wages don’t move

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