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  1. Why not. Let people be creative. Much more rewarding than being critical about the “unusual”.

  2. Haters gonna hate. Tell me, who sounds more like a loser? Someone driving a car with modifications you don't typically see in your day-to-day drive, or some dipshit on reddit who has a snarky comment to post anonymously because they wouldn't have the chutzpah to say it to the guy's face? Lmao

  3. I've managed to luck out and get the Klutch half Oz smalls for 3 separate strains and they all tasted great. However, if I had to rank them by potency of effects and going by strongest first it would be 1) Motorbreath, 2) Sherbhead , then 3) Ice Cream Cake. I've picked up a tenth of Big Head once and it was 🔥 so I would go with that.

  4. See I’ve had a lot of people tell me the motorbreath was fire and I ended up trying and it just didn’t do it for me. Which is crazy love the motorbreath luster pods

  5. It could be the batch you got. The batch I got was at about 31% and got really resiny when I vaped it in my Mighty. Puts me to sleep pretty easily lol

  6. I tried their Durban Poison. It was decent but I think the Durban from Standard Wellness had a stronger taste.

  7. As a Canadian....what the actual fuck are those prices. Holy shit.

  8. Yep, just part of the scam that is the Medical Marijuana program of the great state of Ohio!

  9. Oh damnit and you are so close to us here in Ontario too.

  10. I, for one, would like to be one of the first to welcome the truckloads of Canadianabis to the USA. 🇺🇸 A man can dream...

  11. Idk if you really need a physical card. I was able to download the pdf file of my card to my phone and the dispensaries were able to scan that. This was a year ago, though.

  12. I had this. It was pretty good. I would prob get it again I like their rosin better though I think and I prefer live resin usually

  13. I definitely think Klutch's concentrates are improving compared to about 9 months ago.

  14. I've been vaping on Firelands Scientific solventless concentrates for a while. Guess I'll give Klutch a try next. I've only been hearing great things about the O43.

  15. Yeah, I like FS concentrates but the Qush#12 that I got from them last time had obviously been sitting on a shelf for 6 months. I will say this live resin is the stickiest concentrate I've had from this program in a while.

  16. That sucks. Reminds me of my Glob Sword that I bought from Fat Ass Glass. If you are looking for a similar replacement, you might find one there. There are some cool pieces for sale on their website. I stumbled upon it because I've turned to the internet after buying up all the interesting dabbers from the head shops around here. 😅

  17. Oh wow, you got some of that limited edition Stinky Salty Watermelon with added Stank. 😋 Lucky you! Smoke the bug.

  18. Ok y'all, this GPurps is flippin' nice. G6 X Purple Punch. The Punch comes through on the inhale and gas on the exhale. Could feel it in my eyes quickly and then came the full on head high. Feeling a great body buzz, but the head high continues to be strong. Don't know why I waited so long to try lol 😎

  19. Better late than never! One of the first strains I tried in the program and still one of my favorites. The G Purps sugar wax and RSO are also good, btw.

  20. Not unhappy, the right word would be “anxious” dogs lick their lips, yawn, whale eye etc when they’re anxious

  21. :upvote:This comment right here. As the owner of a high-anxiety GSD, I would say this is the most accurate assessment.

  22. Based on all the GSDs I’ve known I feel like they should just add high anxiety to the front of the breed name lol

  23. Lol a little more truth in advertising, for sure!

  24. His standup was really good, really different than what usual standup is

  25. I agree. I saw him do a standup set in Nashville about 6 years ago and he slayed.

  26. yeah there's a lot of drug references and some story telling, so if you aren't into that I can see why people wouldn't like it, but its really good. He's also pretty left leaning in it as well. Bukkake portion of the set really got me

  27. Oh yeah, I can see why people expecting a normal set would be put off. But I had a great time. He even came out afterwards and hung out with fans in the venue for a bit. I thought that was pretty cool.

  28. I was wondering about their other strains. I picked up some of their Durban Poison a couple weeks ago and it's not bad.

  29. I feel like the only reason their stuff comes out alright is because of the humidity packs lol

  30. I agree. Boost packs and glass jars should be standard for the prices we pay, especially for the stuff they are trying to push for $20/G or more. Just sayin' lol

  31. Welcome to the stigma. It sucks, I know. That being said, you do realize there are multiple ways around a drug screen?

  32. Verano's concentrates have been hit or miss for me. I've had decent sugar wax in the program and bought the same product at a rec dispo in Illinois. The Gpurps wax I bought in Illinois tasted like straight up mold. It even made everything I put in my titanium bucket in my atomizer taste like like mold. I've had better luck with their flower but I would say watch out for the concentrates.

  33. Thank you, I ordered a Plenty yesterday!

  34. I can't wait to fire it up man I just got the tracking number from planet of the vapes and ordered some tree from the dispensary in preparation

  35. Be sure to post your thoughts after you try it out. The people need to know! Lol

  36. My favorite thing about the the holidays is that sweet holiday pay because I will probably be working, lol.

  37. This is also one of my favorites. Shame that it seems to be going up in price, at least in Central Ohio.

  38. I have the Mighty case made by CloudTen. It is smell-proof and costs about $35. Just be careful with the twisty screw knob that locks it. I lost mine.

  39. Nice buds there. I need to pick up a jar of full buds some time. Picked up a half of the smalls on Tuesday. They are still 🔥

  40. I noticed something that Judy never mentioned in her world salad/call to action for all her prayer warriors since Wendy was too busy with a tube down her throat: GET VACCINATED!!!

  41. I bought the 14.15 of Black Jack budlets a while back and they were smalls. Straight 🔥

  42. You know, Mark, some of us have been working as essential workers from day one without extra pay and yet we didn't run to Facebook to cry about it. We also wore our masks, got vaccinated and followed all of the other rules. And get this, we actually did it because it was the right thing to do! I know, weird concept! But now assholes like you and your goblin wife have chipped away at my empathy. Oh wait, you can't hear me because you got a terminal case of the stupid. Guess it's time to flush that pile shit and wait for the Bride of Thumb Head to claim her prize. On behalf of the rest of Ohio, fuck you!🖕

  43. OH here, too. Yeah, seriously fuck you Mark. My husband works in a grocery store. He got not one day off, and he actually knows covid is real and knew he was in actual danger. Still, he never complained. I have MS, (of course vaxxed). I'm on a drug that suppresses part of my immune system. but still have to isolate and remain scared because of fucks like Mark and Tricia. So yeah, fuck you Mark. I'll be watching for your estate sale. You look like the kinda guy who had decent tools. Tricia's gonna need that cash, whether she lives or not.

  44. I'm sorry you have to isolate. It sucks that the goobers of our society are holding the people most at risk hostage because Uncle Jed's Facebook feed told them that Dr. Fauci programmed the vaccines to turn us into gay zombies. We are vaccinated but my girlfriend's kid isn't because he's in elementary school. She is hoping they approve a safe vaccine for kids soon because it scares her to death.

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