1. It might be wrong, but after some image processing I could read "ABC-abc-1234" from the second one, so seemingly nonsense. It's Code 128.

  2. Seems about right, thanks! Kinda disappointing that there's no meaning behind it.

  3. Wasn't it? does reporting a murder in english include the "i have a murderer too" part, or am i missing something?

  4. Reporting a murder generally means reporting you saw someone kill someone else. Sure there is a dead body but the point is you know who did it and that is what you are reporting.

  5. I never will. But they have made mobile much more annoying lately.

  6. I don't use the reddit app, i use boost for reddit (reddit app from a third party basically)

  7. Sup fellow cracktorio addict, defo not underrated but defo agree on the devs needing more players. The game is so well made.

  8. It got to number 2 for a while I think. Still pretty good going.

  9. Wasn't there something about russians downvote bombing it, after the devs said they will help ukraine?

  10. Unless you're with the right people, then it's the best ever. I'm talking Pallbearer - Foundations of Burden and two grams of cubensis

  11. My last Akita was very similar to Hatchi, and this movie ripped me to shreds. I literally cannot even read the plot summary of it now without tearing up.

  12. I don't like EVs too much, yet we need something better for the environment

  13. having hundreds if not thousands of differend types of bread and beer

  14. Do you know their intention or just don't interact with people like that?

  15. Thanks for sharing. Do you maybe understand why they have this need to lie even for small things?

  16. From my experience it's no need, sometimes it is better to lie, actually (imo)

  17. I’m guessing maybe in a way…maybe this is how friends are deep down? Like that’s why they become friends because there is some sort of emotional and unspoken connection?

  18. i think friendships can only be truly good friendships, if there is emotional connection

  19. Electric callboy, as they were deemed "not radiofriendly" and therefore couldnt do esc for us

  20. I'd say try and watch documenteries abt topic that interest you, stay away from tiktok etc.

  21. shorts, insta reels (insta in general tbh) many many subs on reddit too...

  22. They would always know how many ants are within 1km² of them

  23. Elon Musk, ig? what does being rich have to do with getting in trouble tho

  24. I love olives, and pizza is the only food i am ok with containing pineapple

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