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  1. You don't have faith in that which says a kiddie diddler's moment in Zack Snyder's Slow Motion League was the greatest scene in movie history?

  2. When you die It's not a loss, with cancer, it's a draw. the cancer Technoblade dies too. doesn't lose.

  3. It's weird to be swimming at your lakeside family cabin and have the water go away in front of you, lemme tell ya. Even weirder to FEEL the current strong enough in a lake where there's no current.

  4. so i never planned on really swimming in Superior, but now i’m panicking at the thought.

  5. Never cheating on his wife is kinda moot because he wasn't married very long and all eligible bachelorettes were hard to come by in shelled cities...

  6. The dude who thought up the leaderboard for games was a true master at manipulation. You finally crack the top 10, or get all the way to #1, all the other kids (and adults) are gunning for your spot and defending it burns through quarters.

  7. think they had hi score on pinballs too, but competition is a basic human drive.

  8. How did you get the beans ABOVE the frank?

  9. They could go full on Khmer Rouge and label anyone with glasses an intellectual. Not that they would know what that is as factual history is also woke.

  10. Hippos are such jolly looking creatures. I can't imagine one ever getting angry. And, furthermore, I'd place a huge bet that no human has ever been even slightly injured by one!

  11. People seem to think Gen Xers are like Boomers with computers and the internet and forget that they were the first generation to grow up with computers at home, and young Gen Xers would have been in their late teens and early 20s in the late 90s/early 00s when the internet started to become more of a thing but not yet everywhere. Everything from All Your Base Are Belong To Us through to Ceiling Cat is prime Gen X stuff.

  12. the only people i know who like minions memes are gen x. but also most gen x people i know despise memes in general on principle.

  13. What version do they use then. 'cause I think most do use the KJV.

  14. CEV these days for the most part last i heard. contemporary english version.

  15. it’s been a joke for some time that T Swift is an Aryan Nazi empress bent on world domination one hit at a time..

  16. You sound like a dog who would get stuck carrying a stick through a doorway.

  17. Hy-Vee is super expensive, though. It would be better to compare to Target, Walmart or Cub.

  18. seriously, don’t know how people can afford to shop at hyvee

  19. Cub is usually less expensive than target for me.

  20. used to be for sure. i don’t know anymore though. i refuse to buy all my groceries at target though. something about department stores sours my appetite.

  21. it’s on criterion channel. just watched it a couple weeks ago.

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