1. Bro, can I follow you through the portal back to your dimension?

  2. One of the intents of many scientists who develop AI is to allow us to keep productivity and worker pay the same while allowing workers to shorten their hours.

  3. I wouldn't be able to drive fast, but my Jeep would just gobble these up

  4. Could have a protective film on. It’s like wrapping but with clear instead of solid colors.

  5. That would protect against trees, but the only scuffs I see on the rock rails are from shoes.

  6. You sound like my wife. I swear everytime I use her car, it's below E and I'm like "wtf how is this thing still running??" She has never ran out tho.

  7. My wife is, apparently, allergic to pumping gas. She'll use my car and come home, "You only have 15 miles of range left, you should give yourself extra time the next time you leave"

  8. That sort of thing is a good piece of why my Jeep and car both have manual transmissions...

  9. Only my Jeep has a manual :( There was no manual option for my G90

  10. Is this concept similar to having a DB table with multiple indexes for different searches?

  11. When my dogs crowd my legs in the kitchen, they get the same treatment

  12. Bradycardic response for babies under 6 months; they'll instinctively hold their breath when underwater

  13. heh I just did the TicTacToe project in Automate the Boring Stuff with Python yesterday and I had 16 win conditions 🤷‍♂️

  14. One per player per winning combination?

  15. that actually sounds like a fun problem to tackle. I wonder if there' some funky matrix multiplication function you could use to solve it in unnecessarily performant time.

  16. It's easier than that, but it would be pretty fun to try it with a matrix

  17. For those wondering why anyone is using oracle products in 2023 you have never met their sales people.

  18. I'm so intensely curious to hear what kind of things they have to say, I'm almost tempted to invite them over

  19. I'm not joking when I say, "Don't!!!!". Unless you are the only executive and report to no shareholders or a board, then you will put them on the scent. If your organization has any money, they will demand you hand all of it over. Would you go swimming with hungry sharks with even a paper cut? They will find your company, they will eat your company.

  20. 100% just you. You're the only person you know that was smart enough to appreciate such an interesting episode. Clearly, you're Rick level.

  21. Except tesla dropped their prices. So it fucked up the game. Ford had to drop their prices to compete. Except Ford loses money on each Mach E

  22. I guess they learned their lesson about making predictions within their own lifetime

  23. A college physics professor of mine would write all the relevant formulas on the board prior to a test (without labels). He reasoned that anyone working with physics will have access to this knowledge until sufficiently memorized. What was important was the students' ability to recognize the formula and apply it correctly.

  24. You have to be 21 to buy and drink alcohol. 25 to rent a car.

  25. I'm getting mixed results on the car rental age, but almost no one says 18 years old, so this is still likely applicable.

  26. I'm over it. But yes, it hurt. I'll still watch seasons 1-6 several times a year.

  27. I'm sure lots of start ups are working on it. Doesn't mean they have a good product yet.

  28. Whataburger was amazing 40 years ago. It was just pretty good 5 years ago.

  29. Wouldn't you prefer that we end this silly drug war, and eliminate the purpose for 50% of our annual murders?

  30. Aw precious. No clue the oppression until it’s in your face stupide

  31. That's a good excuse, but if that causes something like a 20% increase in price don't you think they'll do a 30% increase in price and pocket the rest?

  32. Why didn't they think of this before??

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