1. Hit that pen a few times and it helps you play better

  2. Thanks everyone for the help! I went with section 116 row N!

  3. Just be aware the glass and height covers up the action below a certain point. I prefer higher 100s but it’s all preference.

  4. What rows would you say, the glass stops becoming an issue?

  5. What row are you in? I’m looking at getting tickets but don’t know how close is too close. Yours look great!

  6. Unfortunately you’re right. Terrifying

  7. That’s what I’m hoping for, but I doubt it. It says “any membership” and a day pass wouldn’t be considered a membership

  8. Don’t you just end up with Delta Reserve vs Amex Plat?

  9. I was referring to the Amex plat in this comment because Singapore airlines is a transfer partner of Amex. And Amex and delta are very close companies so I’m assuming a lot of people in this sub have an Amex in their wallet because of the synergy. Should of made that more clear, sorry!

  10. You dont need a plat to use transfer partners like you would need a sapphire reserve to transfer points. You can get one of the no AF cards instead like the Blue business plus and just get 2x on all purchases.

  11. I only said plat because of the delta lounge access and it’s the travel card that was mentioned in the previous comment but yes you are correct!

  12. Varies based on school. I know our school votes right after the interviews

  13. You can't even see his toes in this picture. What, am I supposed to use my absolute garbage memory or something?

  14. You don’t accurately remember every pair of toes you’ve ever seen? Must just be me

  15. Godskin noble was the hardest for me. The duo I beat first try but the single one took me nearly 100 attempts

  16. I'd be interested to know how many of the people who found some of the harder bosses (mohg/malenia/etc) easy actually fought them solo

  17. Those were two of my easier fights, I beat them both on my second or third try but couldn’t beat godskin noble for over 100 tries

  18. How much did you end up selling it for?

  19. How much did you end up getting for it?

  20. Hey! How much did you sell this for if you don’t mind me asking

  21. Damn, I gotta improve my networking if people are out here getting $900 watches as gifts.

  22. Medical sales reps can go crazy🤷🏼‍♂️

  23. Having finished the season, how do you feel about this now in retrospect? Were you pleased with how things developed?

  24. I was very pleased! The actors did a fantastic job. The show just kept getting better and better and now we have a long wait til we get to continue:(

  25. The only actor I haven’t been particularly impressed with is Jace, but I’m hoping he surprises me in the second season considering he’ll have a larger role.

  26. Definitely agree with that. He seems rather awkward and not into it but maybe that’s how is personality is supposed to be, only time will tell with next season

  27. Not sure about SAT but if you get a 32 or above on act you basically get a full ride

  28. here is a link to it, apparently it literally drained it in some spots.

  29. I live on the bay and can confirm it was empty, crazy sight to see

  30. Even if they're from a reseller? How does that even work if it's a p2p sale?

  31. If you buy on Ticketmaster you’ll be protected, not sure how it would work if you buy from someone random

  32. Baylor prepares you insanely well for medical school

  33. My line at LGA took like 30 minutes to get in today

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