1. Once was too much for ya? I have the entire tale of Iroh downloaded into my phone, that way I can always smile and cry whenever I need to

  2. All I gotta say is... how? How does one live like this? 😭

  3. This is such a hard debate that can turn extremely toxic cause just like how Naruto and Sauske lived different life's with different types of pain, trauma and neglect we as people also live different life's with the same differentiating problems, pain, and trauma so people tend to connect what they have or are going through with a character that maybe fits there problem better as a way of not only connecting on a personal level but having that feeling of comfort and being able to overcome as that character did. At least when I was a kid I connected with Naruto more not because I necessarily thought that he had a worse-off life than Sauskes but cause I connected more with Naruto

  4. Thanks man this is like one of the most thoughtful comments of this post. Even though the current direction of the series warrants a lot of criticism it's sad that the community has devolved to this

  5. I'm sorry that you Boruto fans have such a bad rap, and such unnecessary toxicity from OG fans.

  6. Ash getting so many women in many different life-times/time lines that I'm a little jealous and upset that we haven't yet see any small romantic stuff but nevertheless this scene is cute

  7. I'm a huge HXH fan and togashi is a badass mangaka and author....

  8. Hmm, I would be sad, like I don't agree with all the decisions made to the story, and og characters but then again I understand some of the reasons why I would be easier to nerf...

  9. We need to stop giving these stupid post attention, I’ve seen so many people get into these dumb anime debates and it’s just pointless. There’s this new wave of anime fans that only watch things for powerscaling which is annoying af. You’ll see them watch demon slayer and say non sense like “he’s so weak 💀 “ And putting stupid post “who would win? Demon slayer or dragon ball z”

  10. It's funny and then interesting at the same time to think about how you create these characters that have some personal meaning to you and then as the story develops your like "ahhh fuck why did I do this?" 🤣🤣

  11. Ah no wonder it sounds familiar and phenomenal 😊

  12. The unrestricted brutal nature of this arc translated into this beautiful brutal animation is pure 🔥

  13. Oh... good to know I guess... lol I don't read the Manga so that was a bit of a spoiler.

  14. I’m sorry I should’ve spoiler marked

  15. All good, glad she does tho, I can't wait to get to that point. 😌

  16. It’s a quote from the manga that I hope doesn’t spoil anything

  17. Nah I don't think it does just explains him all good. (:

  18. I like the theory but I can't rap wrap my head around that theory seems a little far fetched and just happenstance

  19. I would say no if the writing was more consistent but as it stands now, apparently. Yes.

  20. Funny, but nah just a normal thing a kid would consider to be old lol

  21. All that just for Boruto Anime to destroy his Jawline and give Hinata, (ten-ten level)screentime

  22. Okay so this is a hit against Boruto and not the actually romance between the two because I love both of them together and this picture 😭😭😂

  23. Pretty much. That episode and the ones leading up to it were amazing though. Orochimaru was just vibing.

  24. Omg he was so fucking random - and funny 😂😂 I was like bro what cameo shit is this?

  25. HXH - recaps = accurate I haven't watched Jojo (I think that's the character) MHA - I enjoy the filler episodes Bleach - ....😅 Naruto - I watched all the fillers in OG and Shippuden first watch through could have been worse Watched non of the bottom series.. 😂

  26. I didn't realize how they drew her in the manga woah..

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