1. Can’t come with better comment then: “she nailed it!”

  2. Isn’t the time already come for collective lawsuit?

  3. there's always would be griefers in those type of games, tho in dmz particulary not every player who tries to kill you is asshole. He might be doing some mission that require him to kill enemy operators with certain weapon or in specific location, they might be searching for some rare items in the area where you have met. They might have just been wiped themselfs and trying to regain and been thirsty for your loot...

  4. i got several missions bugged out and not tracking for me and my teammates, so what we did was deactivating and reactivating those missions in the lobby menu and then eventually the progress started to track. In your case i recommend trying doing the same and after - loading with your own secured basilisk or contraband one

  5. First i've leveled up everything in the game in kill confirmed with ddos, decoy nades, having guns i don't like as my secondaries and picking tags while holding those weapons. As soon as i passively maxed launchers i did both gold and platinum for them (and it was actually really easy and fast). Then i went from hardest weapon categories (for me) to easiest doing gold and platinum (melee-snipers-marksman-pistols-shotguns-lmgs-smgs-battle rifles-assault rifles). And did same sequence for polyatomic. Just finished the grind today. Really enjoyed it. Bon voyage to you!

  6. Thank you kind sir for pointing that out. For a whole week i was wondering whose face i see instead of neymar. 100% true!

  7. I literally died twice as much (or more) from AI than from regular players in Dmz

  8. “clean" isn't where they pick litter up, but where they DON'T litter in the first place.

  9. lol literally just figured out that this is the last gun i have to level up before focusing on camo grinding. Played one match and it felt super dog shitty. Tho from few content creators i heard advice to level up/camo grind OP weapons first before they got nerfed, and that lockwood was on that list...

  10. Grats on the orion! Mastery challenge now?

  11. actually it was kinda smart when in vanguard all watches were broken. Like in casinos, where there's no on-wall clock and even windows so you never now what time it is and spent more time (and money) in there...

  12. Surprisingly i had most fan and highest kill streaks / kills per game while camo grindig knife and shield (did it in 2 hours btw). Funny that i was avoiding them from game launch but instantly knew that i need to get them of my way.

  13. lol i personally haven't noticed any difference...

  14. my bad, looks like i slept all of those post, just started noticing 'em

  15. At least now you will have an option to turn off crossplay…

  16. how come mine is only 83 gb on xbox? One final playstation exclusive mega content before microsoft-activision deal?

  17. That mission made me dig youtube for actual gunship footage from afganistan and iran. Devs made a great job on that one!

  18. There was something about his smile that made me suspicious right away.

  19. check "manage game and add-ons" for other packs

  20. Just started updating and it says 42.57 gb...

  21. after checking "manage game and add-ons" and marking all other packs - it's 70,50 for me.

  22. those were usable in beta and available in mw22 full game

  23. maybe controversial, but i truly believe that without launchers and riot shield not damascus, nor atomic, nor mw mastery camo would be so desired and well earned!

  24. I’m afraid that there’s no solution on that issue. Picture of my webcam (microsoft live studio) looks pretty much the same. On top i have this huge de-sync between microphone audio and webcam feed.

  25. To fix the mic sync issue, just turn your mic off and back on after you’ve started your stream

  26. mate you're a life saver! worked like a charm, cheers!

  27. i think that this poll should consist of 4 variants:

  28. "i see a bunch of content cHeaters" you mean "cReators"? you mean creators, right?

  29. After hunting for it for almost a year i've been using it for roughly a year now (previously - xbox one x, xbox one, xbox 360 slim, xbox 360 arcade, xbox 360 elite). Absolutely loving it with elite v2 and 27 inch lg monitor. Highly recommended.

  30. I've been thinking about getting the elite controller, is it really worth it, how has your experience with it been so far?

  31. Well i’m not gonna lie saying that it’s a brilliant product with zero issue. Quite the opposite. I’ve sent mine to the warranty repairs twice (stick drift and A-button stucking). Tho this was free of charge even for shipping. Ups guy showed at my door, picked it up and brought me replacement in couple days - i also got 2 spare sets of back paddles, stick caps and d-pad with new controllers. After last repair a year ago it been running almost smoothly: had a problem with RB button being unresponsive sometimes - fixed it with a sprink of rubbing alcohol. I know it sounds f-up, but now i would like to talk pros: the controller itself is awesome, the finish is really nice, tactile feelings are superior with it, rubber hand grips are just fantastic. After forcing myself for a week i now can’t imagine playing without all four back paddles. The tension adjustment makes a more precise experience while aiming. Almost forgot about trigger stops - game changer! There’s plenty of competitors to this product (like scuf of battlebeaver) tho they are more expensive and have least warranty. And as i’ve heard they too break a lot, have same issues with sticks drifting. And they’re not microsoft official, so you won’t have the ability to fine tune it in xbox accessories app. I was about to say - don’t buy it, there’s v3 on its way, but with recent introduction of white v2 i believe the new version not gonna happen in year or two. And since that soon you’ll be able to make your own controller in design labs - i’d say go for it! P.s. i think you still can have a 2 year warranty for something like 25 bucks if you’re in US - that would be a good deal imo. Good luck!

  32. Does anyone know if there are campaign unlocks? Double xp tokens, skins, camos, operators?

  33. if you're talking about mw19 - there's few like operator skins, tho they all were already unlocked for me.

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