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AITA For not letting my ex take our kids out of state to go visit their grandfather who is in poor health

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  1. My friend was constantly being broken up with very quickly by almost every woman (or not getting callbacks after hooking up) We finally got a frank answer from one, after he attempted dating one of my wife's bestie.

  2. I dated a guy who had a pinky dick. I didn't break up with because of it, he just had to get me off first. I could barely feel him inside me.

  3. You are saying cops don’t want to catch rapists? I mean that seems like nonsense to me.

  4. I ma an upper .middle class woman. I got raped by a homeless man. I was given Ambien without my knowledge (it's a long story how that happened). I can't take that stuff. He followed me to my house, came in, raped me and actually stayed the night in my bed.

  5. I’m sorry to hear that. That is disgusting and awful and should never happen. But anecdotes don’t tell the story of a million law enforcement officers. Also there is always a way to push beyond those boundaries, and if you are an upper middle class woman why didn’t you get an attorney and do something about it?

  6. Wow. Why did t I get an attorney? That's probably one of the biggest victim-blaming statements I've heard.

  7. My youngest brother is one of them. His name is a misspelled variation of a common boys name and he’s getting it corrected and shortened because he HATES that it’s “uNiQuElY sPeLlEd” thanks to our parents.

  8. My youngest has a common name that's spelled differently. But his spelling is the same as his uncle. So, I didn't come up with it.

  9. OMG, if I had a dollar for every white guy that turns into a Nazi when they mix Xanax with Whiskey.

  10. I get crazy with just Xanax. I was calling people "fucking Nazi's" until I realized I was acting insane. I called my doctor ASAP and got on a different medication.

  11. Americans are welcome here anytime, but please America, just legalize it so your girls do not have to cross any international boarders for their health care, it's stressful enough without all the extra bullshit.

  12. They could just go to a state that allows it. No one has to cross international borders.

  13. My ex spent $3k out of my bank account. I asked him what was up and he said "hookers and blow."

  14. Has anyone let them know the confederacy lost?

  15. I know this is 3 years old. I lived there at the time. The governor wanted to be the first on the scene and his vehicle blocked emergency response. I was there and saw it.

  16. Voting has concluded. Final vote:

  17. Statistically speaking, child are far less likely to be molested by drag queens than the clergy.

  18. Voting has concluded. Final vote:

  19. "Please listen closely as our menu options have changed"

  20. I used to be in charge of a very large hospital's phone tree system. I absolutely forbade any clinic/area to have that stupid message.

  21. I remember when my eldest's account ran out of money. At the time, if you didn't have money, they gave you a sandwich.

  22. Your kids are old enough to decide if they want to say goodbye to their grandfather. Missing a week of school isn’t the end of the world. This isn’t a vacation.

  23. My kids missed a week of school last year and it was for a vacation! I booked tickets for the week I thought was spring break.

  24. Eh, I'm torn. Her name is the French word for flower and it has a specific pronunciation. Her parents naming her a foreign word and mispronouncing it is half the issue.

  25. I agree with you. I have a Puerto Rican friend that would write names down she was considering for her daughter. She would have me say them and scratch them off if it didn't sound right with my very white American accent.

  26. Oh wow, now my anatomy isn't great but isn't the femoral artery right there and if that branch missed it's a miracle, the expected outcome of severing that one being a very gushy death.

  27. It missed every major thing that could have happened.

  28. I agree with you! I wouldn't be bothered so long as it's cleaned afterwards, but I know it would bug some people. It's not a hill I would die on either way.

  29. It wouldn't bother me either but I can't use an outside broom inside. Once it's swept the sidewalk, it is banshed to the back yard.

  30. Not an idiosyncrasy. A health and cleanliness standard.


  32. My Walmart and Safeway stopped being open 24 hrs before the pandemic because of the homeless issue. There were just too many incidents after 11.

  33. I don’t understand why they don’t serve both breakfast and lunch with lunch starting at 10:30 for those with the craving and end breakfast at 11:30 at the least.

  34. My closest does breakfast until the already-cooked stuff is gone.

  35. My 13 year old daughter is totally trying to make fetch a thing. It may well take off in her school. She also knows it's from Mean Girls as do all of her friends.

  36. I want to know why he's so angry. What the heck is going on in his life?

  37. Poor kid has to be suffering. I just want to hug him.

  38. You can try, but you will probably get hit with a rock.

  39. I'd be okay with that. It's obvious he is angry and is starved for attention.

  40. The US pledge of allegiance in French.

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