1. Forgot, preheat air fryer to 400 degrees F and cook for 12 minutes, tossing a few times as it cooks. Amazing!

  2. Is there a difference between H‑E‑B Old Fashioned Oata and H‑E‑B Instant Oats?

  3. Old fashion oats are rolled oats, instant oats are rolled oats that have been cut into smaller pieces so they cook quicker. It takes more time to cook rolled oats but the texture is thicker and chewier.

  4. Love this recipe. I do tweek it slightly by adding more brown sugar and reducing the white sugar.

  5. The Minute Maid website shows Kroger (2401 Ferguson Ln Austin, TX 78754 United States) and a few Walmarts in the area keep them in stock.

  6. I'm curious if you found what you were looking for OR anything that works for you. My husband is in the same situation. We've considered having gloves made but that is going to be difficult as well.

  7. I need to take a package into the post office to mail it. I know many post offices are a fustercluck right now. Is there any post office near the Arboretum area that is less of a fustercluck in terms of wait time?

  8. If you buy postage online you can drop off at any UPS store without waiting in line.

  9. I think the Kirkland grass fed butter is delicious, the Kirkland organic butter is perfect for baking and I'm a bit of a food snob.

  10. I would totally buy this if it were organic. Currently going through 4 cases a week, oddly enough still less expensive at Costco than a food distributor.

  11. They have mincemeat filling at Central Market, just add to your own pie crust.

  12. The sentiminto jerseys (away) were new for 2022, so 2023 will be new home jerseys.

  13. How was your experience? What was the row like and how was the chair situation for you?

  14. We've been to a bunch of matches and had a really positive experience almost every time. The Wheelchair accessible rows have fixed seats and folding chairs. The great thing about the WC row is there is no one in front of you and no one behind you. Occasionally we will find people in our seats but that must be pretty common.

  15. I haven't seen it at Central Market lately but they have great fresh cider in the produce department.

  16. Yes and no It is always very crowded but there seems to be a decent amount of street parking.

  17. There are over 100 vendors, it's definitely the biggest market in the area.

  18. Why would you want to drink alcohol free beer

  19. Going to a brewery with friends is much more fun if you can have a drink that's not just water. There are really great AF beers out there.

  20. Do they sell alcohol free beer though

  21. Yep. If this doesn’t get better I’m gonna have to $ for ESPN +

  22. My wedding set is from Costco about 11 years ago. It was appraised for a few hundred more than we paid. Also came with an independent appraisal for insurance. I have also purchased several very nice watches and earrings.

  23. Would you recommend going to the stadium to watch Austin FC play?

  24. Absolutely yes! The stadium is amazing, the crowd is electric. It's nearly impossible to not have a great time at Q2 even if we lose.

  25. Best ice cream shop in town? Looking for a delicious chocolate peanut butter flavor specifically.

  26. People picking up the game w an antenna at home? Getting increasingly frustrated w the AFC app skipping forward and stalling multiple times/game.

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