Elon Musk praises Chinese workers and says “They won’t just be burning the midnight oil, they will be burning the 3am oil, they won’t even leave the factory type of thing, whereas in America people are trying to avoid going to work at all.”

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  1. Totally normal. Sometimes moms forget how babies used to look like :)

  2. I would stick to 30mg for 4 days and if the symptoms will get better more than 50% I would stick for another 10 days because then it will just get better. After 2 weeks if I would be stable and more or less fine I would attempt to reduce the dose by 2-5%.

  3. Thank you very much, it's getting better everyday. I'll definitely attempt to reduce as soon as my headaches subside.

  4. It’s usually best to go slow tapering. Unfortunately due to my situation, that wasn’t possible. And absolutely keep in contact with your doctor. Withdrawals aren’t easy. HUGS

  5. I will definitely look for them, thank you

  6. I just got off cymbalta by taking Zoloft. 30mg cymbalta to 25mg Zoloft for a week then stopped cymbalta and upped Zoloft to 50mg and the trAnsition has been so much smoother. Cymbalta is painful to get off. I wish you luck on lowing ur dosage.

  7. Thank you. I considered asking for another drug to bridge the symptoms but I really don't want to use anything anymore so slow tapering is the only way for me.

  8. I love my kid and we had him because we wanted to have a kid, but there is absolutely no good reason to have a kid. Bringing a child to this world is the most selfish act a human can commit. I would die for my kid, but if I've known how challenging and world changing being a mother was (honest truth from people around me) I would reconsider. You're very young, you have time. Keep thinking :)

  9. My wife and I just can't stop seeing a young Robert Downey Jr. It's jarring at some points, even his tone and inflection are so RDJ.

  10. Yessss! That's what me and my husband said the first time we saw him, now I can't unsee.

  11. Ikea is a Swedish company and it’s products are increasingly nonsensical Swede words. Their founder was a someone Reality tv would’ve loved (read: was an unconventional dude).

  12. He is Turkish. He is one of those dirty rich weird guys. We have a lot of them here. The source of his money is questionable, idk.

  13. Wow, thank you for explaining why I am always ALWAYS so on edge around my n-mom. The aura of control kills my soul. I love my husband's family for how easy going and authentic they all are. No secrets, no lies, no trying to control anything.

  14. It was too much (he used to walk around with his ipad constantly playing youtube videos :(( ) then we stopped (doctor's orders) now it's max. an hour scattered throughout the day. While he's eating (by himself) 15-20 mins max, using the toilet (for a poop session) 5 mins and right before sleep we watch Mitchells vs. Machines on Netflix together (recent obsession, it used to be the chrismas chronicles movies and then gilmore girls, LOL) but never go beyond the first 30 mins before he falls asleep.

  15. I am very sorry to hear what happened but also very proud of you for standing up to a liar. I 100% know how it felt, because I've recently done the same with my n-mom. The lie wasn't as big as yours, but still, I called her out and it felt liberating.

  16. All my aunts and extended family sided with me when I finally had the chance to share. They still “love” their sibling, my n-mom, but they can’t comperehend the level of selfishness she possess. I was relieved to learn that, but then it felt totally empty because the only thing that can save me from her is going NC and I still don’t have the balls to do that. Maybe someday.

  17. I remember specifically when I was seven years old, we had Valentines Day at my school. It was a Catholic school, but not the “hate all gays” type, more the “shelter them from even knowing gays are a thing”. So, I was so sheltered I did not even know you weren’t “supposed” to get crushes on people of the same gender—I’d only been told a crush was when you liked someone else a lot and wanted to marry them.

  18. yes! Thank you for this, and I am so sorry you were so ashamed for such an innocent NORMAL thing. if we can only stop sexualising children then all this "you are making my kid -insert any LGBTQ+ name here-" bullshit can stop. Same thing goes for hetero crushes as well! This induces so much rage in me.

  19. I am sorry to hear everything you're going through. Wish I could actually help, but I just want to send you the warmest of virtual hugs, fellow mama. You're doing the best you can and you deserve to wallow and do nothing once in a while. Maybe try taking some time off work if it's possible. It might ease your burden substantially.

  20. Melanie, Ruth, Josie, Javi. Also Javi should be on the 4 dollar tier, he's a bargain!

  21. gilmore girls LOL. he particularly likes "morelai" :)

  22. I'm asian, my husband is mixed race, and my baby looks very...ethnically ambiguous. Just yesterday, I had an asian grandmother walk up to be face to face with me, stare at me, stare at my daughter, and then say "are you the mother? who is the dad??"

  23. "can't believe you could have a baby like that. pretty." I've never heard such a passive aggressive racist comment like this before in my life. wow. you must have the restraint of a saint not to slap that woman's mouth after that.

  24. I adopted my son and he’s Filipino I was playing with him at a park recently and this lady came up and had the nerve to say that if her babysitter kissed her kid she would be fired. I was caught completely off guard and was just like “it’s a good thing I’m his mom then”. We both awkwardly stared at eachother after and she packed her kid up and left.

  25. the audacity of some people... how the fuck can some stranger say something like that to another person!? I mean it's not like you were doing something questionable either!? the nerve...

  26. I have been overwhelmed, angry, and incredibly sad with this world since everything that's started lately.

  27. This is exactly how I feel. I simply just can't handle it and I remember 9/11 very clearly. I just can't understand how actual war with guns and tanks is still a viable option for conflict resolution in 2022! How!?!

  28. my son started speaking at almost 3.5 years old. He had a speech delay and we had speech therapy for a while, but what helped him the most with his speech was going to daycare and interacting with other kids and teachers. I honestly think speech therapy is more for parents than the kid, to learn how to properly speak to your child and how to promote more words and communication with them.

  29. Hi, from an overtired mom to another; you are not alone in your feelings, this happens more often than people realize or admit.

  30. I went through the exact same thing with my son and he improved immensely in about 18 months. Daycare will help more then speech therapy, which is what happened in our case. Being around other children completely changed everything for the better. Good luck and never worry, he'll figure it out soon enough :)

  31. This show will forever hold a special place in my heart. Thank you every single person who was involved in making it this masterpiece of a sci-fi series. Kudos. 💯💯❤️❤️🙏🏻🙏🏻

  32. What the fuck, who does that, I mean, wow… How can you possible leave your kid alone at a funeral!??? Next thing is them asking the kid if they had fun at the funeral. What is this, a zoo trip? Jeez. And I am truly sorry you had to be there but you are a saint. It must have been one of the hardest days of your life :( A funeral, for a 12 year old and a bunch of kids with such big emotions, all alone :(

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