1. Yup, amuse + 4 courses. I got absolutely rocked, think I seared over 300 scallops

  2. Back in the day, run them through the die cutter, soak them {5 - 10 minutes} in 5 gallon buckets with water and Sodium Metabisulfate. Drain, lid, mark and store for no longer than 36 hours. Fry to order.

  3. So no blanching? Not sure how easy it would be for me to get sodium metabisulfate but could always talk to my KM

  4. Senate Tavern has locations on Bank Street in old Ottawa south, one on Wellington St. West, and one on Clarence St. in the market

  5. Handed my 2 weeks in and just finished my first shift at the other place since I had tonight off. Went super well, thanks for the advice everyone!

  6. Nah sorry man. Two weeks. Period. It's not your duty to put aside the priorities of your life for some owners who are screwing you, especially in his example. Two weeks is a reasonable period to search for an employee, and despite what the owner will tell you it's not no one is looking for a job it's they're not willing to advertise wages at a reasonable rate to gather notice

  7. Agreed, 100%. That said, I wanna tell my crew that they're all better than this place... but not cause a mass exodus

  8. The first two images are me being shamed for asking for supplies to heal injuries on the line. The sous chef added the circled remark ( next to my request to restock burn gel. Also, I did not say they needed to get more ibuprofen, when I think of something to add to the order list I say it out loud as a memory aid device. As in "we need to order more ibuprofen, I think we're all out of it".

  9. If you need to buy your own squeeze bottles and beg for burn cream I would get the fuck out, sounds like a shit place to work. Every place is hurting for cooks right now but it could depend on where you live i.e. city or rural.

  10. The Newboro on Wellington, 4-7pm 5$ tacos 5$ beers ( selective )

  11. Also owned by a big convoy supporter... and general piece of shit person

  12. I thought happy hour was supposed to entice people to go out after work. Who's ending work at 230?

  13. I dunno, people finish work at all sorts of times

  14. Maybe try Tannis cash and carry. Food supply store I'd guess they have it

  15. When I was first starting I searched this sub for posts asking similar questions and I read them, there are plenty of similar posts with plenty of info. Knife skills and basic kitchen lingo is also a good thing to google

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