I woke up today with a baby on my chest and a woman next to me. I am unmarried and live alone. Do I keep them?

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  1. So you think you’d manage yeah? See the last time you ran a 5K what kind of time did you get?

  2. It’s even more cringe realising it’s actually his mate wit a voice modulator pretending to be a kid

  3. that takes away any guilt as it's just acting and still funny

  4. Keep all the facts so they can tout their fairytale! Soo there was this white guy, but in the Middle East, & he had a Spanish name.. & he was magic 😲😲😲

  5. Also one of the rules of this cult is you’re never allowed to question it.. never ever.. just have “faith” & give us your money 😂😂😂

  6. That’s awesome! That’s not what penultimate means but it’s cool regardless

  7. You want to tie down the tops as much as/more than the bottoms

  8. Get rid of the stupid generic trap beat. Just want to hear the man talk

  9. Came to say exactly this.. as if a speech like this needs propping up to make it more poignant

  10. Is it still rare after it’s been posted everywhere for so long?

  11. Did you just make an assumption about my gender assumptions?

  12. i dunno why but i didn’t understand what you meant until you put it that way

  13. No worries 👌I got the Thai bit wrong n all

  14. Do you just assume my assumptions of gender role?

  15. Remind me to check back in a couple years and see how this has aged lol

  16. No toilets in the jungle should we start shitting on the floors? No schools, hospitals… fucking moronic argument 🤦‍♂️take those glasses off mate none of them in the jungle.. it’s not natural

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