1. The heavier rain may help this as it is warming things up, but I wouldn't count on being able to get there.

  2. According to what? Still shows frozen rain on mine.

  3. They don't tow cars for illegally parking on public roads unless requested. They don't patrol roads like that.

  4. Because ice is covering the bridges and makes everything an ice rink making everything incredibly dangerous. It is pretty damn obvious.

  5. You'll probably be fine after tomorrow night.

  6. I'm currently sitting @ SJC getting hit by cancellations in Nashville and Vegas.

  7. It doesn't change that they deal with this daily and this is normal routine for them.

  8. Literally how do you know? Widespread cancellations screwed up their system last time. Now there are widespread cancellations, but you're somehow certain that it's not a problem. Are you some kind of insider or just guessing wildly?

  9. Last time was during the busiest travel week likely ever.

  10. Breweries without their own food truck, but there are less and less of those especially that are open at noon on a Tuesday.

  11. Fellow Austinites here currently living in Edinburgh. We came prepared for dreary, no sun weather, but have gotten sun almost every day in the month we have been here (in January!)

  12. I was there in November. Was planning for rainy/cold. Got cloudy, no rain, and then 2 days of sunshine. I was not disappointed.

  13. Austin ISD doesn't go that far north, pretty much all urban up there.

  14. I love how you’re being downvoted for simply stating facts. This sub is a joke.

  15. I will take it that they are just pissed schools weren't canceled. Probably all teachers.

  16. Are you saying you can't see their tail lights on so you are assuming the front lights are off?

  17. Probably be a whole street carnival themed bar by then.

  18. The cities that are bigger, are the bigger cities. I know that stat may be hard for you to grasp, but it's how size works. The bigger ones are the bigger ones. The ones with higher populations =/= bigger. This is like getting mad at Alaska because it's the biggest state with the smallest population.

  19. No shit, that is why I've been saying it's a pointless stat and the metro area are real indicators to how big a place is. Not hundred years old city limit borders that are basically meaningless unless you are trying to claim some place is bigger or smaller than it is.

  20. It's literally the representation of the city on a map. Idk how much more accurate you can get.

  21. Since this is hard for you to grasp, yes, it is a stat for those old city limits. It's not a meaningful representation of the actual larger city that is there. There is basically no value in looking at a city in terms of city limits versus looking at it in terms of metro area. Metro population gives you a much better idea of the actual place.

  22. Clearly, the organization that is now in charge of the trail --

  23. If you are looking at it from the street, there is 0 chance you think this looks like a parking lot. Until someone decided they didn't care.

  24. Overall, i like your point of views. Maybe to note I went out there because of the amount of people riding today claiming they were almost getting hit or backed into on social media. Decided to get footage for myself and it was wild

  25. Where were you seeing that being reported that people were saying that, just out of curiosity?

  26. It's from an office complex, but I do see your concern. Gonna go ahead and remove it, but the location is pretty obvious if the OP just spent 5 min on google maps.

  27. When I was about 12 I did some sort of downhill obstacle course, part of it was crawling through a long black drainage pipe maybe 18" (2 feet?) diameter or so...about halfway through I discovered I was not a fan of that and freaked out trying to get out of there as quick as possible

  28. Sorta like an MRI machine...I've felt that before. All in the last year of my 35+ years.

  29. yea I had no idea I was claustrophobic, I had to kool aid man through a door once out of sheer panic, it set on so quick too and I've been in plenty of smaller spaces throughout my life, I guess it's the lack of control that surprises you in those situations.

  30. Yup, it didn't help I needed to shit either 😂

  31. Looked like hamstring again. Definitely right leg and didn't seem to be any contact so quite worrying.

  32. No contact falls like that always seem to be the worst.

  33. Did you even bother to look on google maps after your last post where people gave you links to the parking garage, and it takes 5 seconds to see clearly where that one is?

  34. Ok, this really is not gonna help posting it here. Plug it in, they'll call it to find it, not on Reddit.

  35. Then you might be surprised how many bike commuters you see on the Red Line. I take that to work and it’s always full of commuters.

  36. From which station exactly? Because, most of those stations on the east side are already connected by bike trails....

  37. Sorry, I meant the bike path that parallels the light rail. I know it’s already built and not the subject of the article, but its only been there for a couple years and its become well-used. I imagine any other trails that improve connectivity would have similar results.

  38. Yeah, I use them all the time. And I don't live in the area, it's solely about it being a good connection to the rest of the city, which we should be striving for thought out Austin.

  39. In before Chicas Bonita's or Chili's of 45th and Lamar.

  40. It's not always trustworthy, but combine it with streetview to help map out rides.

  41. Seems like that would be something that could be fixed?

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