1. I'm boosted, so I personally think the steel one was best for what I was going for. Streetable. It most definitely helps with making boost quicker. It's also a middle point between the aluminum and dual mass

  2. That’s awesome. Yeah the chatter has been bothering me a bit, I definitely thought it was a problem… but i’m slowly getting used to it lol.

  3. Well, you can find a sweet spot for sure and you can reduce it... a.k.a reving a bit higher when In low speeds.

  4. Yeah, I'm very used to keeping RPMs as low as possible/driving fuel efficient, so it will be a big adjustment haha.

  5. So the first too post where just mock-ups i was going to run ads on. I chose the preorder route (drop, money in, order products, orders out). And i had a really good feeling it was going to go well. I started running ig ads and fb ads but ig ads did the best so I stopped fb ads. I was running it at a targeted niche (streetwear) and spent $1200 within 2 1/2 weeks and gained about 800 followers bc the beanie post went somewhat viral and got 2k likes. My sales for the first drop was $1600 and i made a profit of $100 bc of shipping and just other ad experimenting. I then had the product in hand and with my creativity, made irl videos and took plenty of pics before shipping everything. I know customers want to see other people wear the product before buying it for assurance. So after that i was at about 1k followers and so did a restock. I uploaded a reel and a irl post of the product with model pics following it in the same post. I ran ads on both at automatic audience since I had 1k and Instagram would know who to target more. My reel was doing amazing so I stopped the post ad and kept the reel ad. I deleted the reel ad and upped the daily spending limit to $40 (you don’t want to spend more than your average order value at the start). Then the reel blew up a lil and i have sold out half my inventory within 5 days of the drop while only having to spend $180 on ads.

  6. this is insane- i’ve gotten good results from running ads, but it’s strange because sometimes they’ll run exceptionally well and i’ll see sales, and then other times, when i run the same exact formula, it underperforms. my brand has been operating for over 2 years now, and being on a slow climb to 5k followers, it’s insane to me to see 2k within months.

  7. Ig boost. I keep getting disabled on Facebook and it’s so annoying so I stopped lol. I’m going to just work with a agency when I’m at like 10k followers.

  8. Gotcha. Yeah, I kept getting disabled as well- it was super annoying. But I really liked the insane amount of detail you could get into with Meta… And did you do any targeted ads, or just automatic? If you did targeted, did you do any specific tags(streetwear, grunge, etc)?

  9. Congrats on the find! I recently had a similar project purchase a few months ago(G35 w/ 200k miles for 500$, ran and drive). The first thing that should always be done is make sure everything is operating properly, do all your maintenance(engine oil, transmission fluids if dark, spark plugs, etc). Clean it up as you go through the car, these cars can last a long time as long as the proper maintenance has been kept up. Making sure the car is functioning properly is muchhh more important than cosmetics IMO. Enjoy the find and I’ll be looking forward to seeing how you build it!

  10. I had the same exact thing going on with an old 07 I had and it drove me nuts. I never figured out what was going on but it sure drove me crazy trying to figure it out

  11. Oh man, in the same boat as me haha. It’s so worrying, I bought it recently as a daily for my brother and I definitely don’t want him to drive it if it’s a ticking time bomb!

  12. Sounds like the exhaust manifold might have a crack in it. Pretty common on those 1.7 civic engines. If you pull that upper heat shield off you might be able to see the crack in the manifold.

  13. I see, i’ll definitely take a look- it actually sounds like it’s coming from that area, and at first I suspected a loose heat shield- but I didn’t notice any rattling. Thanks!

  14. Thank you for ending the trend! 🙏🙏

  15. I will buy this one. Looks so sick. Was looking for a Front Bumper for a year now and thats the First one I fully like

  16. yessir, it goes under the radar a lot. i knew immediately this was the bumper i wanted when i had my old Z, so when i bought this one it was a bonus that it came with it. it was more popular back in mid-late 2000s when the Z first came out, but the nismo bumpers took over. have yet to see another one with this bumper in person!

  17. It was a 40lb dog and a 55lb dog. it’s about one serving of ramen, and in ramen it’s not that much green onions(maybe a handful?)… do you think this should raise concerns?

  18. Get a couple bug bombs and deploy them. One under the hood, one inside the car. Toss a couple in the building as well. BUT if you are doing bodywork or paint on it, as soon as you air the place out, go over the body with wax and grease remover to remove any residue that will get on the car.

  19. This is the most likely route that I take. The car is kept on my side yard- do you think it is necessary to cover the car in a sheet and enclose it when I bomb it? Or should it be fine in the open?

  20. Oh I see... well how about spraying some bug killer in the engine bay? I dont think it will hurt.

  21. Yeah, initially I was unsure since there might be some chemical that might corrode or cause issues in the engine bay. But after reading some comments, it seems like doing so wont cause any harm.

  22. Tbh, I would just wrap it- or if you really want to paint, scuff and paint the whole thing. Unless the car was garaged and barely saw the sun, the paint is going to be faded. It’s an old car, and it’s bound to happen.

  23. And also the paint is nearly perfect! besides certain spots

  24. Yeah, if it’s temporary and you want to paint, I would just paint match the fenders/bumper.

  25. I’m in the same boat as you. Moog has a kit but doesn’t come with control arm bushings for the steering pack.

  26. Do you happen to have a link to that kit? And it seems we will just have to get individual parts from rockauto :/

  27. Mines a 2000 but here’s the site. I think moog is generally considered ok but not quite as good as one but fine if you just daily drive and light off road.

  28. I see, thank you- and yeah I dont do any offroading, only daily drive. Appreciate it!

  29. Once I got it home. I checked it and it was completely drained.

  30. How long were you driving while it was smoking and before you pulled over? And I saw in another comment that you had it towed home?

  31. Yeah. I was on the highway. As soon as I saw it smoking I had to pull over and stopped at a gas station. Maybe a few mins. Yeah after I noticed the car leaking the oil. I attempted to move it. Didn’t move unless I reved past 4k. had a friend come and tow me. Car kept in neutral.

  32. Ooh, I’m not too sure then. Especially if you already refilled it properly. It’s possible that the transmission overheated and caused damage. When I pulled mine over, I immediately fixed it and filled up the ATF and it drove fine.

  33. Thank you. Yeah does seem like it. It doesn't match the official Amuse front bumper. But theres a few Amuse replicas that seem to match that design so I think you are right. Is it possible to know where you got yours from?

  34. Yeah! amuse has two, this one is the aeroforme (i think that’s what it’s called). They also have the Superleggera, but that’s different. Mine is a replica from Shineauto

  35. made a tomie design for my clothing line Momoyao Studio / @momoyao_studio ! released it just in time for halloween- decided to post here since i assumed it would be appreciated in this subreddit 🖤

  36. you have to replace the airbag module. behind and under the center console. and from my knowledge, you have to get the same year for your car. got mine from saccityautoparts for 100$

  37. Mh, so a 04 control module wouldn’t work?? thats the one i have in my shop thats spare

  38. don’t think any years are compatible. also make sure you have the right one depending on your trim as well, bc some zs have airbags in the seats and some dont

  39. Hitachi is an oe brand Nissan uses so you’re good 👍🏾

  40. Forgot to add, but my clothing line is @momoyao_studio on Instagram! Hoping to make Rei hoodies too, as well as maybe some Asuka or Misato bags, depending on how well the Rei ones do! If you’re interested, there are preorders open for them :) Thanks again and let me know what you think!

  41. Nah fr lmao, confused wasn’t even the word, I’ve been under my G numerous times and I’ve never seen 4 cats..

  42. This confuses me because I thought there were only 2 cats, one on each side- but I had to get new cats, and there’s technically two cats on each side(at least that’s what both the dealer and multiple shops explained to me). It’s two pipes for each side with two cats on each side. This is at least how it was for me and my 04 350z…

  43. Hm..all I know is that there’s the cat, flex pipe, resonator then the muffler, with two O2 sensors of course, this is odd lol

  44. Yeah, it is odd- I really dont know at this point! But I know that if you look up pictures of OEM cat assemblies, theres two cats on one assembly

  45. What is that white pipe tool connected to your engine ?

  46. It’s a smoke machine. It was the only picture I had that showed how gross the engine was before I washed it haha

  47. Thank you man I just saved my brothers car he was about to swap the engine because he did everything under the sun til I saw this randomly and told him about it and it work Lmaoo

  48. AYEE let’s go!!! it’s always the small things / simple things. glad you got it to work

  49. I’m assuming your the 4th owner like me fixing the wrong doings of the streets it was dieing in

  50. 5th! but undoing the misdeeds of the 4th owner. luckily he only put 20k miles on it, so hoping i can bring it back.

  51. Doing the same to mine but I’m rather resto modding it into my track car since I’ve already manual swapped out the dieing (now dead) auto

  52. How'd you mount the charm on the passenger side? I've been thinking about doing it but I can't figure out what to mount it to

  53. i just mounted it to the visor! the handle is kind of bent/shoved in there but i dont mind

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