1. I don’t know, but I do know I now have “boys, the boys are here” running through my head on loop

  2. Because the dual MMR / LP system is not logical.

  3. Shame. Loved this guy, always reminds me of watching peak Tom Croft

  4. Vote out Sadiq. More interested in giving jobs to random lefties and preparing his leadership campaign than he is about London

  5. My friend has Virgin and complains about it a lot, recently unconnected for three days. I have Plusnet and had no issues (but i don’t know if plusnet uses Virgin…). Both NW6

  6. So sad because the Heineken cup was perfect.

  7. My big problem with bot lane is that you have to be 100% focused for the entire game, any single mistake is game throwing regardless of how fed you are. Step up 1cm too far as a 10/0 ADC? Stunned into instadeath. Facecheck jungle to get your red buff? Instadeath to 0/10 hiding Irelia. Play 95% of the teamfight perfectly but don't dodge one random lux Q? Instadeath. God forbid you get behind, you are just a walking bag of gold to collect. Imagine actually having to play with that much concentration and focus every moment of every game when you could just play a bruiser and turn your brain off for free wins instead.

  8. As an ADC main this is why I stopped playing.

  9. He looks weirdly like Aaron Rogers in that photo

  10. You're desperately seeking out a wicket in desperation you ask for a review.

  11. Fuck me how have you come up with that Duckett comparison, so spot on

  12. The worst part about Bazball is my old man has for years said England should just play tests like white ball because they're good at that and I've spent years going on about pitches, field restrictions and the ball only to have Stokes decide to make me look like even more of a familial disappointment than usual

  13. Mate have the same thing with my non cricket following friends

  14. There’s three scenes from cartoons that no matter what mood I’m in I’ll be streaming tears after 30 seconds: the endings of Leela’s Home World (Futurama), You’re getting old (South Park), and And Maggie Makes Three (the Simpsons)

  15. I wrote “fuck” on a year 8 exam then crossed it out with a line. School tried to suspend me for three days.

  16. I’ve never had a tree since I’ve lived alone. Too much effort and I’m back at my parents house for most of Christmas.

  17. The only argument that I have seen put forward against the SA teams joining that I have seen anywhere is "but...but....but....but.... SA is not in Europe".

  18. Yes mate, disagreeing with a non European team playing in the European cup must be xenophobia 🙄

  19. Mate it's 2022, if the supposed contradiction in the name upsets you, in sure they can re brand it.

  20. It’s not about the name. It’s the concept of the competition that it’s between European team. Having region based tournaments is a completely non-controversial aspect of every sport. Claiming that it’s exophobic is batshit.

  21. When there’s a lot of credit to go around, it’s important to remember that Rob Key was appointed at an very low point in English test cricket and by getting his captain and coach decisions right he’s changed the game

  22. I closed my curtains last night because the unusual brightness was tricking my brain into thinking it was midday

  23. Yeah as dumb as it sounds i think it’s actually a skill knowing how to breathe when delivering monologues. Happens to me every time I give a presentation, when rehearsing I have to think about when to stop for air

  24. Every player who has been interviewed about Jones says he's the best thing since sliced bread. Even if they also admit they're a bit scared of him. Even retired players who have absolutely no reason to defend him anymore. Giteau said the same thing when discussing the 2003 squad, so he's got form for players saying he's a great coach.

  25. I am cracking up recalling Giteau telling the birthday story 😂

  26. Agree. The problem with focusing on “the emotional side” is there’s no insight there. I don’t need a therapist to tell me Baker and Goff are a bit annoyed at how their careers turned out.

  27. Spent the last year without a TV connection. Got it fixed last week and I’m absolutely loving turning on the TV to a live channel and taking what’s on, rather than having to choose and open one of the five apps (which also takes a lot of clicks)

  28. The BBC don’t make it easy to defend the licence fee sometimes

  29. Man reading this brought up many good memories of European rugby, thanks op

  30. I just want to add that while being blinded by the speed and volume of runs, it was the English bowling taking 20 wickets that won this match. Unreal that came to pass on such a road.

  31. The Switch Hit podcast claimed England have taken 20 wickets in every Baz era game (bat the one lost by an innings). Really impressive result of a strategy/mindset change

  32. Reminds me when Wes spoke about a time they were playing darts, and Dan was so befuddled by the scoring that Wes realised his struggles with maths is not a bit

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