1. I was at a new hire training and in a group of mixed racial and blended families. We were seriously just given a 20min lecture on being professional and not saying anything to get the company sued when a coworker asked something like β€œso what do you do when the clients act up?” And dude in our group straight up replies, β€œI tell them to sit in the Rosa Parks section.” Record scratch and the group and I give each other the holy shit way to have no situational awareness glances

  2. This just in… Kids like brightly colored things

  3. I like to say if I found a boyfriend who threw themselves on their back and peed on their belly every time they saw me I would probably marry them. Since that’s what my puppy does every time I come home

  4. I’ve been paying taxes since 10 when I started babysitting



  7. That is awesome! I’d buy a whole basket of them

  8. I have investigated mooself and found no wrong doing

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