1. play it slower, slower, slower, slower, with a metronome. i think for practicing, keep your mind mainly focused on the left hand: all the note values are identical, so it should be keeping a steady, fixed rhythm. worry less about getting the right hand exactly right until that left hand rhythm is locked in.

  2. i remember this post, it looked cool then and it looks cool now. need any more devs? lol

  3. it's the cat being yelled at at the dinner table meme

  4. whenever i encounter a strange-seeming fingering, i find the reasoning behind it is almost always: "legato". in order to maintain legato it often requires approaching the notes in a slightly convoluted or unintuitive way. but test it out yourself -- see how easier it is to maintain a legato tone without any pedal between the suggested fingering and your own. whichever is better wins.

  5. One of the cheapest storage is backblaze b2. You can use this package to handle your file to BB

  6. just wanted to let you know that this recommendation has changed my life. backblaze was so easy to setup, the permissions and CORS were simple, and, once i understood what django-backblaze-b2 was, it simplified everything so much for me. thanks so much!! i have been banging my head against the S3 wall for months and accomplished everything i was trying to do with B2 in days (and for someone who actually knows what they're doing that would've been hours or minutes). cheers

  7. i've also been recommended S3 but i've found it to be quite frustrating and convoluted to use, with byzantine permissions. the whole thing is pretty opaque to me and i'm still struggling to get it to work well. so good luck! just my experience as an amateur/hobbyist.

  8. it's a good guide and conforms what i've read in other guides. i'm glad to see you emphasize diet; as they say: "muscle is made in the kitchen, not in the gym."

  9. of the one's i've seen in OP's list, Moonlight, Happy Together, and God's Own Country are excellent. i personally hated Weekend haha but a lot of people loved it.

  10. once i started to really read the sheet music carefully, and not just try to reproduce what i'd heard in recordings, i realized that every piece that i'd played up til then i'd taken for granted. it was humbling, and maybe a little discouraging.

  11. i don't know why i come to these threads knowing i'm just going to see the most unreasonable biases against alternative proteins from people who've likely only had them once or twice and done poorly

  12. So, what you are saying is that to help with the expensive price of eggs, buy the expensive tofu?

  13. the most expensive good tofu is still dirt cheap

  14. One of my favorite scenes ever. So powerful. Especially in a world when the sound of a crying baby annoys or even angers some. So damn powerful. Thanks for sharing, haven’t thought about that movie/scene in a hot minute

  15. that's the second comment i've seen about crying babies being annoying.

  16. when they hear the baby they are reminded of the one, only, important thing: not going extinct as a species. but as soon as they remember that, they forget it. it is a statement, for sure.

  17. lets tracks through because of an agreement they had with microsoft that they didn't tell anyone about till someone found out.

  18. oh word? i didn't know about that. my main gripe with DDG was they don't allow filters in their queries like, ""

  19. Apart from all the reasons already listed in top comments, how about a search engine that never gives proper search result?

  20. ""

  21. me three. until two days from now when i return to the northeast (cry).

  22. massachusetts, cape cod specifically

  23. even in the best cases, coming out is in an annoying, embarrassing hassle. it puts you in a vulnerable position, even when you're coming out to accepting people. it just sucks, but i think pushing yourself through it and owning/being proud of your sexuality can be empowering and is ultimately the healthy way to live.

  24. your get_end() function doesn't know what start is, because that variable is defined in a different function (get_start()) which has its own scope.

  25. That’s basically what I was expecting to hear, I just had no idea how to write that out.

  26. np. making use of variables that are defined elsewhere (in different "scopes") is a core aspect of functional programming, and the reason why functions can accept parameters/arguments. you'll be using them so much they'll become second nature soon enough.

  27. Thank for this! Curious on your solution to get a gaming console hard wired if the modem/router is on the other side of the house.

  28. if you don't want to drill, then just being creative and taking your time with wiring along baseboards, up the walls in corners, along moulding, etc., can end up looking pretty decent. i bought a box of staples with plastic shields for using over cables that are quite snug and allow tight cornering. bonus if you have paint that matches the walls to further hide the cables. of course if you have to go through doorways that gets tricky and much harder to hide.

  29. i've made a little guide here on how to get windows to automatically backup save files whenever your computer wakes up

  30. i haven't used those but presumably you get access to something like a username (email?) in a request object? if so you can check against a database table of known users.

  31. that was loud as hell, pretty scary, dog went nuts

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